Manufactured Housing Industry Overview – October 2016

When everyone is going right, look left.”

– Sam Zell.

Technology and mega-mergers often grab the headlines when it comes business news.

News about social media and Google? Ditto, in essence those are offspring of the tech sector, too.

As many manufactured home pros know, perhaps one of the least appreciated opportunities that exists in America today is found in our industry.

Because of the affordable housing crisis, manufactured housing ought to be keen on the radar of investors, policy advocates, public officials and those millions seeking and dreaming of having their own dwelling, too.

Zell is a well-knowncontrarian investor – he likes to buy when others sell and vice versa. Zell has stood by MH through thick and thin.


Zell’s two featured article/interviews are among the dozens can be accessed from this linked page.

Dozens of MH Pros, from the biggest names of huge companies, to the rising stars and all in between are found linked here.

Let’s be candid.

The manufactured housing industry (MH) is both simple and complex. We have this incredible product, with the amazing value needed by tens of millions.  We also have a dizzying array of politics – inside and outside – of the MH/affordable housing space.

But isn’t it precisely because it isn’t apparent – that MH isn’t obvious and easy – that makes this industry such a great opportunity?


For those who understand this amazing industry, MHProNews and MHLivingNews are among the best educational resources available.  That’s true for those inside and outside MH.  Rising readership and reader feedback tell us this is true.

Officials. Advocates. Investors. The public. They are looking for what the MH industry does. Graphic credit, MHProNews, all rights reserved.

Insiders as well as those researching MH for whatever reason – all need to that view from 40,000 feet.  We all need a third party – yet informed – perspective.

Why do interviews with experts and success stories – those who know MH best – draw thousands upon thousands of readers? Because we all need reality checks. We all need that view from 40,000 feet.

But we also need the more granular, ground level perspectives, plus those in between.

These are what and ( attracts – pro-readers like you – daily by the thousands.

Thanks to the magic blend of our sponsors (seen at the right) – who benefit from all of those thousands of eyeballs –

  • Industry Voices,
  • writers,
  • supporters and
  • our valued team members – all of whom make these industry-leading online resources happen.

We can be among the manufactured housing business’s most potent weapons in using facts for shattering the outdated in favor of the contemporary realities.

Faces of recent Industry Voices guest writers, plus our Daily Business News writers too..
Jan Hollingsworth, award winning journalist, featured on MHLivingNews.

are what makes us the runaway #1 with our readers –

  • the MH Industry,
  • public officials,
  • policy advocates and
  • investors.

That’s humbling.

It’s a responsibility we take seriously – and as the photo collage and sponsors to the right all suggest – it is very much a collaborative effort.

Yes, we do it differently.

Other executive and trade publisher’s bring election news! We do too. MHProNews is bringing you the industry’s broadest, best election resource. “We Provide, You Decide.”

The factory-crafted home industry needs what we do, and we need that industry’s support, too.

It’s synergy that has brought us here, and it is synergy that will keep us growing and moving ahead.


Sam Zell and John Bostick are both right.

In the fall of 2016, this is the single best place to get the 40,000 foot view, those perspectives from ground level and all in between. Who says?

Webalizer says we are on a record pace this month.  Thank you.

We don’t have to agree on everything to make our twin pro-industry platforms the best places where you – our readers and viewers – can absorb, ponder and grow.

We Provide, You Decide.” © ##

(Image credits are by MHProNews, unless shown otherwise above.)

L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach caricature. Kovach is the publisher and managing member of LifeStyle Factory Homes, LLC parent to MHLivingNews and MHProNews, and their various consulting and professional services. Kovach is perhaps the most recommended/endorsed MH personality on LinkedIn.


By L. A. “Tony” Kovach.


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