Carl Ichon goes Biblical Defending Trump – WikiLeaks drops Clinton Campaign H-Bombs

jailtothechief-nypostdrudge-postedmanufacturedhousingindustrydailybusinessnews-mhpronewsIt’s become the campaign of the leaked Trump video – with possibly more like it to come – vs. leaked documents from Clinton Campaign Chairman, John Podesta. The campaign tilted Clinton in most post sex-talk polling, with the notable LATimes daily tracking poll as an exception.

Widely seen as outperforming expectations in the 2nd Presidential Debate between Clinton, seemingly pro-Clinton moderators and Donald Trump, will it be enough to get past the shock of last Friday?  Will tawdry talk trump – pardon the pun – Clinton’s track record and plan for more taxes, open borders (per hacked Podesta email), a more dangerous world and more regulations?

CNBC reports that billionaire hedge fund investor Carl Icahn said – “Over my years I’ve listened to a lot of salacious talk in locker rooms, bachelor parties, et cetera, by a lot of high-level people, some of whom are now supposedly so outraged,” and “All I can do is refer to that great quote, ‘Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone.’

For some good old fashion balanced reporting, see Attkisson’s column, and other headline news from around the web, linked below.

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We’ve seen Hollywood and Washington DC sex scandals before.

We’ve never seen this volume of leaked documents from a presidential campaign chairman and other connected to high places in the Democratic Party.

Up to this moment, it is perhaps the most volatile race our lifetimes.

Who will prevail?  Who should lead our nation? Emotions aside – who will be the best for our industry and our consumers?

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