That Key Item – “Don’t Miss It…”


There are news items that are interesting.  Some industry news falls into the category of “important.”

But you never know when a news item is “Don’t Miss It” – news or commentary that is so important to you and/or your location/operation, that you are ever-so glad you saw it – and when your competitor might have missed it.

One of several hot items in the news yesterday.

Yesterday, there must have been something that was REALLY “Don’t Miss it” because there were over 4,000 professionals like you on the site at the same time.

Manufactured housing has been estimated to have 150,000 FTEs – full time equivalents. Typically, about 15% of pros read – the leaders and those looking to advance! – so having 4,400+ on our site at a single moment in time is amazing. Thank you.

In an industry of our size, that’s extraordinary.

Even those stories that may not seem to direct impact you, may reflect a trend you need to know about.  Or a news item may suggest an insight on a problem you are wrestling with.  This headline above was another from yesterday that was ‘read hot.’

Measure by Comparison

We routinely measure things by comparison.

Comparisons are made all the time, it’s part of how we wrap our mind around some topic or thing.

To get a sense of what that means, the largest industry event this year attracted at total of some 2,500 people over 3 days. It drew people from coast-to-coast.

As another benchmark, the MHI Las Vegas Congress and Expo drew roughly 1,000 souls last spring over their 3 day event.

The largest trade publisher (besides us) in this MH space stopped reporting statistics a few years ago.  They were down at that point to 12,000 print ‘subscribers,’ but as everyone in MH knows, not all are actually reading.  That just is what it is.  Another publisher states that he has a few hundred on his mailing list.

Part of the beauty of digital publishing is that you get rapid feedback from readers – some of it electronic, like that guest counter shown in the screen capture above.

This is just another way of saying, our readers, sponsors and contributing writers have made us the runaway #1 in manufactured housing professional publishing.

You and thousands of others logon for good reasons.

A few years ago, someone emailed me to say, “This is the [industry] news that we craved.”  That was not long after we began producing the Daily Business News.

Yesterday, a caller told me that our news module was “always good before” but that it was now “better than ever.”

Matthew Silver. Eric Miller. Bob Stovall. Jeff Templeton.  These are just some of the many who have provided their talents here at MHProNews over the years to better our industry. Thank you! To the sponsors, pros, contributors and readers who are make this adventure in advancing the MH industry possible.

That’s partially the result of a team effort – and that effort includes the comments on-and-off the record about news and events from industry pros like you.

It doesn’t take a genius to know that you don’t keep doing the same things, the same way, and expect to get a new and better result. Photo credit, WikiCommons. Poster credit, MHProNews.

Learning from Other MH Pros

Maybe one of my favorite inputs came from a high-volume location.

whatdirectioncredittechluminati-postedmanufacturedhousingindustrycommentarymastheadblogmhpronewsThe manager told me that he and his team daily read the news over morning coffee.  They then discussed the various news items (and sometimes, commentary like this) as a team.

He said that was one of the best learning/coaching tools they had ever discovered.

For years we’ve said, invest 15 to 30 minutes a day, on MHProNews, and 15 minutes a day on MHLivingNews – and your team will perform better over time, and it only costs you time. For some, we save time – because our Daily Business News filters out, refines and improves news that others might have first carried.

That time you invest may be throne room time, lunch or coffee break time, or whenever it makes the best sense for you to access your laptop or handheld device.

Another operation told me that they use the Daily Business News as a way of identifying new prospects.

I can’t tell you how many have said, “we keep one browser tab” – or window – “open to MHProNews all day, every day.” They refresh the page periodically, to make sure they are on top of the latest.

Manufactured and modular housing has a number of fine written-resources found from coast to coast.

But to this day, we can proudly say, we were the first and still have the only Daily Business News in the factory-built housing industry.

No one else brings you the variety of blogs with commentary – including the popular commentary found on the Masthead or the Industry Voices blog.

This is what other industries besides our own have done for years.

Knowledge is one of those rare things you can give away, and actually have more of it. Thousands of pros like you logon daily, to feed their minds, inspire, learn and then share in ways that advance their careers, location and thus the industry.

Gaining Respect and Growing our Industry

For manufactured housing to become properly respected, better understood and appreciated, MHProNews and MHLivingNews both had to happen for our industry.

Image credit –

Scientia est Potentia Virtutis

Knowledge is potential power.

But for those who don’t know or follow the news, they may miss that “Don’t Miss It” news item that could be so important.

There are good reasons that leaders like Warren Buffett read so much.

Comment from DJ, part of a column just published on Industry Voices. See the Industry Voices guest blog, but also SHARE your insights and thoughts via the Industry Voices guest blog.

Reading here daily is very much like a good meeting, where you walk away with one new idea that you can put to work, let me bet you the following. For those who read our news and commentary daily, they walk away with one or more “gee, that was a useful insight” that could make their career or business better.

To submit an Industry Voices blog or send in a tip on a possible news item, email us at:
ireportmhnewstipsmhmsm-com and make sure you say in the subject line – “MH News Tip” or “Industry Voices Guest Column” or “Off The Record Tip/Comments” These come in weekly, and we thank all who send them.

So spread the word to all on your team.

When there are plenty of eyes reading, you are more likely to catch that “Don’t Miss It”…

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L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach caricature. Kovach is the publisher and managing member of LifeStyle Factory Homes, LLC parent to MHLivingNews and MHProNews, and their various consulting and professional services. Kovach is perhaps the most recommended/endorsed MH personality on LinkedIn.

By L. A. “Tony” Kovach.

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