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After seeing the latest headlines, a much longer blog post was set aside, at least for now.

3 quick thoughts for today.

1.We as industry professionals must properly define our own products and services, or others will define us, often to our own detriment.

We must each strive to do our part to increase the proper respect and understanding of manufactured housing and our home owners. The Herald-Tribune Op-Ed is linked here.

2. We must educate the public and spotlight policy makers and advocates, who for good or ill are bringing or posing possible harm to our home owners, businesses and industry.

Click the image above to see the report.

3. As citizens of our nation, we have to step back and ask what is right, important and just – and then support the best policies, period.

Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump moderated by Fox News’ Chris Wallace – Image credit as shown.

Tonight is the presidential debate, and with the latest Clinton expose – both substantive and salacious – my hope will be that the focus will be on issues.

On issues and her track record, Clinton may not prevail over Donald Trump.

Far better to focus on the issues and policies. Yes, character matters. But track records and policies matter…more, shouldn’t they?

When enough progressives wrap their minds around all the documents and video evidence – not rumors – about lies, corruption and dirty tricks by the Clinton Campaign, they may say: Better Vote Jill, than Shill for Hill.

Operative Who Oversaw Trump Rally Agitators Visited White House 342 Times… 

O’KEEFE: Dems Explain How to Commit Fraud…
Rigging Elections for 50 Years…

2 Democratic operatives have already been fired in the wake of Project Vertias’ explosive video. The Clinton Campaign spin can’t change the fact that this man says in his own words they they were paid to disrput Trump events and, then the campaign labeled Trump supporters as violent.

And then there is WikiLeaks…and all that they are revealing about Hillary Clinton’s Campaign, and pay-to-play politics.


Kerry Demanded Internet Cut?

17,150 Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta emails, and counting!

Facebook’s Zuckerberg Sought to Coordinate on ‘Political Operations’…

WIKILEAKS: Hillary Wants Obamacare to ‘Unravel’…

It isn’t that the allegations against Clinton or Trump are off limits. But the reality is that the many in media are doing what the Enquirer is doing above. Where is the proof in all of these distracting he-said, she said? By contrast – the Project Veritas video and WikiLeaks documents demonstrates good reasons to vote for anyone but Clinton.

You just can’t make all of this stuff up.  This is a one of a kind election year.


The debate starts at 9 PM ET.  We are all human, we’ve all erred, we aren’t electing a saint. Once the next three weeks flashes by and the election results are known, we can all soak in a tub or take a shower.  Keep it Simple, vote issues and policies.

Regarding MH, let’s also Keep it Simple. The debate on manufactured housing will continue, until we learn to tell our story well, do so repeatedly, and make our country greater by showing the nation and the world how truly amazing manufactured housing is. ##

(Image credits are as shown above.)

tony- kovachSubmitted by L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach, MHProNews.

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