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The markets have been sliding in recent days. But why? The fundamentals of the economy and most companies on the exchanges are good.


If you are over 35, and think back, you’ve seen this rodeo market-madness before. A few people already have – or soon will – benefit from this so-called “market correction.”  Those blanks can be filled in later.

A man guns down worshipers in a Jewish synagogue in Pittsburgh, PA. Why? That isn’t relative, it isn’t a matter of opinion. It tragically happened last weekend. One can flashback to a madman walking into a church in South Carolina, or another who did something sadly similar in Texas. The common point for all three is that the shooters justified their own misguided behavior.

A woman, man, or child is diagnosed with an illness. It’s real, that illness isn’t an matter of opinion. Be it temporary or incurable, changes occur in someone’s life, perhaps the lives of several people.

Medicine exists because of science. Medicine and science are predicated on the understanding that reality can be known. Houses stand – or fall – due to science. Manufactured homes are built based upon principles of engineering. One can recognize the behavior of a ‘madman,’ because there is at some level a deeper knowledge of ‘what is right and what is wrong.’

When people lament the lack of civil discourse in politics, part of the challenge is that two world-views are clashing. Are there absolute truths? Or is all truth ‘relative?’

The notion of relativism is a sad fallacy, and the examples above disprove the fundamental underpinnings of relativism. The markets have fallen. People lost money. People died in those places of worship. It would be delusional to think otherwise. Truth is what is real.

The video on relativism below isn’t perfect, but it is useful. It uses stark examples to shake people into realizing that there is a moral right and wrong. That moral truth comes from a Creator of all things. Millions have watched it, and it’s well rated.




The universe exists. Why? What existed before the universe? There is a simple principle found in science, mathematics or philosophy. Here it is. “From nothing, nothing comes.”

There is cause and effect. Nothing comes from nothing. You don’t ask a fireplace for heat, until you first put in wood, kindling, and light the flammable material to start fire. You don’t write a check for more money than is in your bank account, or your overdraft limit. From nothing, nothing comes.

The universe exists because an all-powerful Cause brought it into existence. That First Cause established a moral universe. People are free to choose between right and wrong.  But there are clear consequences to choosing what is wrong. America’s founders weren’t perfect, but they understood this principle very well. They understood too that a just society had to be founded on a lived faith that inspires morality.

Reality is what is. Right and wrong are real. Right and wrong are not ‘relative.’ Personal taste is relative – for example, you like this food but not that one. But there are absolute right and wrong. Ideally, the concepts of right and wrong are what laws are based upon. Then good laws should be justly enforced.

We may learn in time that the so-called market correction we’ve seen in recent days is perhaps an ‘October surprise.’ The strongest argument for the 45th president and his party is a strong economy. Shaking that belief in a sound economy, some voters still on the fence could decide to vote Democratic instead of Republican. Keep in mind that this writer is a political independent, but a pragmatic one.

If it sounds sinister to think that markets can be manipulated, haven’t those over the age of 35 lived through some things that are similar before?  For example, the causes of the crash of 2008 were not mysterious.  They were known to several, but not all, in advance. Those who knew and kept on going weren’t stopped by those who warned against it.  How where the guilty punished?  Yet, trillions in assets were lost by millions, and they were later regained by others. That is a matter of history only a decade ago, and we better learn from it.



The video above was published on Sept 24, 2008.  Note our prior Daily Business News report linked below the timeframe when Warren Buffett sold his interests in the GSEs?


Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Berkshire Hathaway Backstory

You don’t normally blame the victim of a crime. You look for the criminal instead. One doesn’t blame the ill patient. Rather, you look for the cause of the illness, and with the patient’s cooperation, determine the cause and best treatment options. America is infected by several false notions.  Only steady doses of the truth – of reality – will set more people free.

Moral relativism isn’t the only problem that faces America, along with much of the world. But moral relativism is a real problem. The solution?  It is better to light one candle – by sharing an article and video like this he – than it is to curse the darkness.  It is better to enlighten some, than to do nothing.

We’ve reported for some time how manufactured housing is a victim, to a certain degree, of manipulation of people’s perceptions of reality. Realty and truth matter.

Manufactured housing is also a victim of a manipulation of forces beyond the means of most everyone in this industry to impact. That is why ‘causes and effects’ must be understood in the light of fact-checks. Then, based upon reason, prudent planning and action can occur.

Still from the short but insightful video report, posted above. That video was from Sept of 2008.

About one week from today, the masters of most U.S. media, the major players in tech, the internet, and the richest people in America will find out – along with the rest of us – the result of most races in the House and Senate. Fear is being used to motivate the voters of both major parties. But common sense is being called for consistently by one political leader, and that would be the outsider that successfully challenged the political math of Washington, D.C. in 2016. That same leader has been tirelessly working to reset and improve the economic course of the nation, from years of a ‘rigged system’ madness.

Still from the short but insightful video from Fox News, posted above. That Special Report video was from Sept of 2008.

One man is leading the charge to bring back to the USA once lost jobs, lost businesses, and once lost industries.  He’s succeeded at doing what his predecessor said could not be done. Given years of dirt thrown his way, the accomplishments are astonishing.

Millions of ballots have already been cast for the 2018 midterms. In several states, early voting as measured by party registrations has favored the GOP.  That’s a fact that sadly is being under-reported.  But we hunt for facts like that, and share them so that the illusions some paint don’t become reality.

The outcome of the election isn’t certain. Both major parties are giving it their all. For example, Netflix gave former President Barack Obama a huge contract. The former president is now out campaigning for Democrats, including Andrew Gillum, who openly says he is a socialist. Socialism doesn’t work, but one party is asking Americans to believe what is proven not to be true. This too is about absolute truths, and the struggle over relativism.  Note that Netflix, part of FAANG – is one of those monopolistic brands that could be facing antitrust action in 2019.

Is it a coincidence that Netflix hired former President Obama, who is now campaigning against President Donald J. Trump’s agenda?  Follow the agendas, follow the money, follow your common sense.

Because lies told well can cause people to want to believe what isn’t true.  Before ObamaCare ever went into effect, Thomas Sowell used common sense to explain why it wouldn’t work.  Truth is black and white, but when it comes to who speaks the truth or deception– that can come from people of any background.


Thomas Sowell, Ph.D. Economist, Thinker,
Collage credit, Wikipedia and

There is a need for America to return to objective reality. There is a need to reject moral relativism, and to reject the manipulative methods of a few who strain for socialism or crony capitalism over free markets. There is a need to reject the methods of those who dominate tech, and most media. One must reject the manipulations of the uber rich’s power over markets, because logically only a few are capable of manipulating the markets in the ways that are being witnessed in the past week.

That’s the principle of Occam’s Razor.



That the clarity of reason. Occam’s Razor explains that the most likely explanation is usually the correct one.




But to buy into reason, one must believe in absolute truth. That means one must buy into objective reality, and objective morality – that it is wrong to manipulate markets, money, and minds – and for that, one must believe in our God-given common sense.

With objective reality, the truth of manufactured homes potential to ease the affordable housing crisis may break through. Absent objective reason and morality, that truth can be obscured.

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