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CNNmoney1.3.2019ManufacturedHomeStocksMarketsReportsMHProNewsIt is all about knowing what’s wheat, what’s chaff.

It is about what’s sustainable, and what’s problematic. It’s about knowing what’s moral or legal, vs. what’s immoral and illegal. The rest are the details and commentary on today’s market plunge, which the Daily Business News on MHProNews market report last night forecast. Let’s see how Warren Buffett’s thoughts on this matter may apply.

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Select bullets from CNN Money…

  • The Dow drops 660 points as the tech company fed Wall Street’s biggest fears
  • Apple’s plunge has cost Warren Buffett nearly $4 billion
  • ANALYSIS The iPhone has lost its magic
  • PERSPECTIVES Apple’s problems sound alarm bells about China’s future
  • 5 takeaways from Apple’s stark China warning
  • GM’s plug-in tax credit set to expire
  • Delta fare warning sends airline stocks lower
  • Disney leads the way for a record year at the global box office
  • These companies are expecting gigantic IPOs. The market might stop them
  • NBC News veteran warns of ‘Trump circus’ in 2,228-word farewell
  • Luxury brands are already feeling the China burn
  • One type of diversity we don’t talk about at work: Body size
  • Why economists think hiring is starting to slow
  • We tested Tumblr’s ban on porn. It needs work
  • The very important reason these tiny robots are taking pictures of cats
  • Inside China’s Silicon Valley: From copycats to innovation
  • How Amazon’s AI brought me my socks
  • Microsoft president: World needs to keep pace with AI
  • Chipotle’s new strategy: Dieters welcome
  • Bored of exercise bikes? This company wants to make them more fun
  • Dollar General tries to make healthy food more accessible
  • Panera wants you to know exactly what’s in your bread
  • Welch’s says grape juice is for men now

Select Bullets from Fox Business

  • Stocks off to historically bad 2019 behind Apple plunge, China worries
  • The companies that could feel pressure from new Democratic House
  • These US companies blame Trump’s trade war for hurting sales
  • Apple’s slide gives Buffett big buying opportunity he wanted
  • These states are experiencing the greatest population growth
  • Cathay Pacific to honor $16,000 flight sold for $675
  • Google stashed billions in offshore tax haven
  • Here’s why your tax refund may be delayed
  • ADP job growth of 271,000 soars past expectations
  • General Motors taps new president as 4Q sales fall
  • Mark Zuckerberg halts Facebook share sales amid stock rout: Report
  • Roku CEO: Cord cutters creating opportunities
  • How GM is trying to beat Ford
  • Companies adjusting brands to new economy are succeeding: Andy Puzder
  • Dallas Fed president advocates for pause in interest rate hikes
  • California will force these companies to hire female board directors
  • Opinion: New Trump rule could help small business employees afford health insurance
  • College Football Playoff championship ticket prices reach historic lows
  • Your Wallet in the New Year
  • 5 financial terms to know in 2019
  • Only this many Americans can cover a $1,000 emergency
  • These US taxpayers will pay more thanks to new law

Today’s markets and stocks, at the closing bell…



Manufactured Housing Composite Value (MHCV)



Today’s Big Movers

For all the scores and highlights on tracked manufactured home connected stocks today, see thBloomberg graphic, posted below.

Today’s MH Market Spotlight Report –




First, the facts. Most manufactured home tracked stocks are at less than half of their 1-year peak.

Last night, this MHProNews market report forecast today’s declines. It wasn’t rocket science, because when you watch the market trends, you start to get a feel for it.  Note, we have no positions in these tracked stocks.  As a trade publication, and as a consulting and professional services provider, we are transparently pro-manufactured home industry, pro-MH owners, and pro-consumer.

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It may save time for you to review last night’s market spotlight. The headline is a summary, but you can get the details by clicking on the linked text/image box below.


Markets Tick Up Slightly, But Tomorrow Could Be Ugly – Apple Nosedives, Plus MH Market Updates


Then, look at the Manufactured Housing Association for Regulator Reform (MHARR) news release to MHProNews about new home production, issued just a few hours ago.


Manufactured Home Production Decline Accelerates in November 2018


Next, let’s get the market overview, per CNBC this evening.

U.S. stocks fell sharply on Thursday following a dire quarterly warning from Apple. The iPhone maker blamed a slowing Chinese economy for the shortfall, intensifying fears that the global economy may be slowing down because of the ongoing trade war.

A weaker-than-expected reading on U.S. manufacturing added to those fears.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 660.02 points, or 2.8 percent, to 22,686.22 as Apple shares led the decline. The 30-stock index tumbled to its low of the day right before the close, trading down as much as 707.83 points.

The S&P 500 pulled back 2.47 percent to 2,447.89 as the tech sector fell 5.07 percent. The Nasdaq Composite tumbled 3 percent to 6,463.50, snapping a five-day winning streak, as Apple’s stock dropped nearly 10 percent. Thursday marked Apple’s worst session since 2013.

Apple said it sees first-quarter revenue of $84 billion vs. a previous guidance of a range of $89 billion and $93 billion. Analysts expected revenue of $91.3 billion for the period, according to the consensus estimate from FactSet. Apple blamed most of the revenue shortfall for struggling business in China.”



Jeff Cox does a nice job in this video, and he makes the Warren Buffett quote, including some Buffett audio, in the video posted above.

For our growing numbers of newcomers to this site, let’s disclose that we see reasons to believe that Warren Buffett’s operations in manufactured housing could well have crossed some regulatory red-lines.  You can learn more about that at the report, linked below.


Bridging Gap$, Affordable Housing Solution Yields Higher Pay, More Wealth, But Corrupt, Rigged Billionaire’s Moat is Barrier –

America woke up today to division. But perhaps 75 percent (+/-) of the nation’s people could come together on a plan that demonstrably could do the following. Increase the U.S. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by some $2 Trillion Annually, without new federal spending.


As a long time Buffett watcher, let’s note that while no one could dispute his track record, there is a case to be made that his “strategic moat” – at least with respect to the manufactured housing industry, could in fact be open for antitrust action.  Buffett may have alluded to this when Bloomberg reported last year that one of his few concerns is about Berkshire Hathaway being broken up.

Buffett’s quote below is sound.




The question is, does Buffett’s Berkshire brands tip firms – via various manipulations – into problematic positions that his firms then takes advantage of?

Sometimes the truth is hiding in plain sight. Follow the facts, evidence, and the money.

The problem with Apple, the FAANG stocks and Berkshire Hathaway is arguably the problem of monopolization. When huge stocks slide, it does tend to drag the broader markets with it.

The solution is antitrust action by state, federal, and plaintiffs’ attorneys.  Or what Scott Galloway called putting oxygen back into the system.

NY Stern University’s Scott Galloway on Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg’s Capitol Hill Hearings

For more on ‘inside baseball’ on what’s brewing under the surface of manufactured housing, see the reports linked below.

Finally, take heart.  There are some good firms in this industry.  In normal – historic – market conditions for manufactured housing, the industry ought to be soaring, not snoring.

A good way to take advantage of this time would be to own a company, or a large stake, and think long-term.  It could be a far safer bet than many stocks. Learn more, linked here.

To see a related report, click on that linked text/image box.

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Bloomberg Closing Ticker for MHProNews…

NOTE: The chart below includes the Canadian stock, ECN, which purchased Triad Financial Services.

NOTE: The chart below covers a number of stocks NOT reflected in the Yahoo MHCV, shown above.

NOTE: Drew changed its name and trading symbol at the end of 2016 to Lippert (LCII).





Berkshire Hathaway is the parent company to Clayton Homes, 21st Mortgage, Vanderbilt Mortgage and other factory built housing industry suppliers.

LCI Industries, Patrick, UFPI and LP all supply manufactured housing.

AMG, CG and TAVFX have investments in manufactured housing related businesses.

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