Is War Ahead? Insider Sources in Iran Talk Trump, Middle East Conflicts, plus Manufactured Home Market Updates

CNNmone5.24.2019ManufacturedHomeStocksMarketsReportsMHProNewsMost of the nation isn’t crazy about war. On a day that the markets broadly rose, but were still down for the week, we’ll turn to some literal inside information from a global hotspot. The word heard from inside Iran will be our focus for this evening.


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Select bullets from CNN Money…

  • Topshop calls it quits in America
  • In another sign of the ongoing struggle in retail, Topshop will shutter all 11 locations in the US
  • Brexit fears have already trashed the pound. May’s exit offers little relief
  • LIVE UPDATES Dow declines for the 5th straight week — its longest slump since 2011
  • Trump suggests using Huawei as a bargaining chip in US-China trade deal
  • Microsoft pulls Huawei laptops from its online store
  • Boeing needs to do more work to get its 737 Max fix approved
  • Facebook is leaving clues about a possible cryptocurrency launch
  • Best Buy cancels pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy Fold
  • Disney’s plan to expand the Star Wars galaxy: Make the fantasy real
  • Consulting firm McKinsey cuts ties with opioid maker Purdue Pharma
  • PERSPECTIVES The best way to keep powerful companies in check
  • Chipotle is up 55% this year
  • With protesters at the gates, McDonald’s talks up its success story
  • A banker explains why the Uber and Lyft IPOs flopped
  • Take a look at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge on Disneyland’s new guide map
  • Can ‘Aladdin’ bring some magic to the Memorial Day box office?
  • Should you text with your boss?
  • Where the CEO sits matters
  • Your boss’ bad mood really does affect the rest of the office
  • How to look for a new job when you already have one
  • The gender gap isn’t about what you make. It’s about what you do
  • SpaceX launches 60 internet satellites
  • Beaming cheap internet from space has bankrupted other companies. Here’s how SpaceX plans to survive
  • We now know why SpaceX is suing the US government
  • Why Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin is a big deal
  • A small space startup that’s never launched a rocket keeps landing big contracts

Select Bullets from Fox Business

  • Average 401(k) balance by age group: See how your retirement savings compare
  • House passes major retirement reform bill: What it means for your 401(k), IRA
  • Check your credit card statements for this scam charge
  • 401(k) inventor reveals ‘key’ to ‘substantial’ retirement savings
  • Ben Carson responds to calls for his resignation following House testimony
  • Mega Millions $393M jackpot carries substantial tax bill
  • Ben & Jerry’s CEO says the ice cream company doesn’t support Bernie Sanders
  • Car depreciation by model: How quickly these popular brands lose value
  • Most affordable cities for first-time buyers
  • US stocks end higher heading into holiday weekend but down for week
  • Shocking number of Americans can’t cover $400 surprise expense
  • Bill Gates shocks Tennessee students on their last day of high school
  • Annuities a good fit for your retirement plan?
  • Military ‘Widow’s Tax’ under fire on Capitol Hill
  • Amazon shares to reach $3,000, Piper Jaffray predicts
  • Honda’s small bikes are big business
  • Facebook contacted Winklevoss twins for cryptocurrency talks: Report
  • Top S&P 500 CEOs’ average percent raises more than double that of workers, study shows
  • WATCH: US Women’s World Cup soccer team looks to repeat 2015 victory

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About 15 years ago, there were millions of Iranians who were hoping that the United States would invade their country, to depose “the mullahs,” and “liberate” them from their radical regime.

Iranians were largely pro-American, and pro-Western.

There are still such Iranians today. But a younger generation has grown up that’s known years and years of propaganda. While there are not public polls for such things in Iran, for obvious reasons of their general lack of freedom. There is unrest. It very much includes the young. But is it clearly pro-American, or pro-Western? That isn’t as clear cut.

As a longtime resident of Tehran, this writer still has several contacts in Iran. As both sides of the U.S.-Iranian saber-rattling have at times amped or softened war rhetoric. But the Persian people are getting a steady diet of anti-American, and anti-Trump propaganda.

Some of that propaganda comes from CNN. True. CNN is arguably not doing our nation a favor in the coverage they provide to the Iranian people.

There were opportunities missed by the Obama Administration in 2009. The Obama era deal with Iran was arguably ludicrous from the perspective of our national interest. It was equally problematic for the Iranians who yearned to be free of the radical Islamists.

We’ve noted before that the Russians have significant influence with the Iranian regime.

The Trump Administration has announced that some 1500 soldiers – not 10,000 – will be sent to the Middle East to act as an additional deterrent to the threat of Iranian aggression.

The mullahs” – per our sources – are engaged in back-door talks with the Trump Administration.

If so, to a degree, what we’re seeing on TV is mutual saber rattling, feeding their own bases. If it wasn’t for the challenges of Washington, this could be easier for the Trump administration, but as it stands, it is more complicated than it ought to be.

This right-of-center Fox Business clip does a good job of summing up some of the economic impacts on Iran.

The Iranian people are struggling. Will it fuel another round of Iranian unrest, aimed at replacing their Islamic regime? Will cooler heads prevail?

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