GPS, Satellites, Economic Vulnerability, China, and Space Force


There are no 14x70s in orbit. Not yet anyway, nor are there plans for any. So, the topic here today is about communications, navigation, the related economic and political freedom which allows our industry – and all other professions in the United States – to operate in the first place.


Many have aptly said that the first job of government is the protection of its population. By extension, that implies protection of a largely civilian economy too.

Many have questioned why there has been a push by the Trump Administration for a “Space Force.” These videos will shed light on that topic.
In one sense, this isn’t new. President Ronald Reagan was mocked for his ‘Star Wars’ missile defense program during the so-called Cold War with the Soviet Union. So that is part of a tradition that President Trump’s Space Force is built upon, the notion of that kind of defense.

But as this next video interview examines a different aspect of that many may not have considered. Without freedom, there is no free enterprise.

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine evaluated the evolving dangers present in space and the Trump Administration’s establishment of the Space Force some months ago in the video interview posted below.

Bridenstine closes by saying how strong the bipartisan support was for the Space Force while he was the House of Representatives. That may be one more reason to ponder the compelling nature of this effort to protect communications, transportation, financial systems, and other parts of our economy that already are tied to space.  As drone attacks on Saudi oil facilities, or cyber attacks on business or government have reminded us, there are many evolving threats to our economy and businesses.  It is therefor important for U.S. political leaders to be forward thinking, and that is the notion behind the Space Force.  It is about defending the orbital infrastructure that millions of us use daily.


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