GOP’s Rep Collins Resigns Over Insider Trade Scandal, plus Manufactured Home Investment, Stock Updates

DowJones9302019ManufacturedHomeStockUpdatesScandals and corruption know no political labels. Human nature is what it is. Good people can succumb to temptation, as history dating back to Adam and Eve reflects. This won’t be the biggest news for many tonight, but it is the story we’ve opted to feature. Why? First, balance. Second, facts are what they are. For example, there is good reason to believe that it is VP Joe Biden who has serious evidence against him for corruption, not President Donald J. Trump. It is Biden who admitted on video to what occurred with him in the Ukraine, that’s strong evidence. That said, there are examples from both sides of the political aisle that date back for decades that one could point to; thus tonight we’ll look at the word heard from left-of-center CNBC as our featured report tonight.


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Headlines from left-of-center CNN Business.

  • She’s a game changer
  • The Dallas Mavericks were plagued by a toxic culture. Cynthia Marshall is turning that around
  • Record low interest rates are pushing prices in European cities to dangerously high levels
  • Lousy earnings might kill the stock market rally
  • The rally in US stocks has started to fizzle out
  • GM strike starts its third week
  • PayPal finds a way into China’s huge business of digital payments
  • CNN fact checks Trump’s claims on impeachment’s impact on market
  • Christine Lagarde, Europe’s next top central banker, says dissent is healthy
  • BBC reverses decision to reprimand anchor over Trump comments
  • Bob Iger’s climb to the top wasn’t always easy
  • The Fed’s worst nightmare could be around the corner
  • What the retail apocalypse means for the American economy
  • The S&P 500 is up gained 31% since Trump’s inauguration
  • WeWork is postponing its IPO
  • Elon Musk says SpaceX’s Mars rocket will be cheaper than he once thought
  • SpaceX wants to beam internet across the southern U.S. by late 2020
  • There’s a better way to track space junk. Here’s how
  • SpaceX’s Starhopper prototype soars in ‘hop test’
  • Russian humanoid robot named Fedor heads for the International Space Station
  • Forever 21 files for bankruptcy, will close up to 178 US stores
  • Old Navy plans to open 800 new stores
  • Fred’s has filed for bankruptcy and will close its 300 remaining stores
  • Sears and Kmart keep shrinking. Here’s what’s left
  • Iconic but troubled Lord & Taylor sold to clothing rental subscription company Le Tote


Headlines from right-of-center Fox Business.

  • Karl Rove says Sanders’ inequality tax would hurt the ‘little man’
  • Trump cheers new investments in US worth billions of dollars
  • WATCH: Eric Trump says the American dream is ‘alive and well’
  • Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani subpoenaed over Ukraine documents
  • WATCH: Mark Cuban thinks the NCAA will ‘implode’ if this happens
  • WATCH: Mark Cuban issues warning about doing business with China
  • WATCH: Pro football player-turned-congressman weighs in on NCAA
  • The 5 most famous whistleblowers in history
  • WATCH: Lead NAFTA architect hopes USMCA decision comes ‘rapidly’
  • Billionaire Ken Griffin, Michael J. Fox Foundation launch $10M competition
  • Ex-Overstock CEO reportedly living in far-flung country after resignation
  • SEE PICS: College chancellor in hot water for boozing at campus hot spot
  • Jerry Seinfeld scores legal victory over former collaborator
  • Highway billboard excites drivers with X-rated show
  • Stocks end September on high note
  • WATCH: Ex-Congressional Budget Office leader blasts decision to delist Chinese companies
  • Meet the billionaire behind the legendary ‘Oracle of Omaha’ myth
  • Senators not satisfied with Amazon answers about how it blocks unsafe products
  • University of Nebraska building biggest athletic facility of its kind: Here’s how much it costs
  • US Treasury targets Russian money man’s planes, yacht over election interference
  • 5 things to know about the iPhone 11
  • WATCH: Mark Cuban thinks the NCAA will ‘implode’ if this happens
  • Chris Collins resigns amid insider trading guilty plea
  • Sneaker company sorry after porn plays from screens above flagship store
  • Bankrupt Forever 21’s fast fashion not quick enough to satisfy Millennial FOMO
  • Varney: The American dream is not dead
  • California law to allow NCAA athletes to be paid signed by Gov. Newsom

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Tonight’s Business/Market/Political Impact Spotlight –



  • Chris Collins, R-N.Y., submitted his resignation from Congress on the eve of his scheduled change-of-plea hearing in an ongoing federal insider trading case, a spokesman for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told CNBC on Monday.
  • Drew Hammill, a spokesman for Pelosi, D-Calif., said that the speaker’s office is “in receipt of a letter of resignation” that “will be laid down on the House Floor tomorrow” during a pro forma session in the chamber.
  • Collins is accused of calling his son from the White House lawn to share information about a failed drug trial for a company in which he was heavily invested. He and others allegedly sold their stock before the trial results became public.


There will be some who will make more of this than what it is, while others will do the opposite. MHProNews take a completely different look at what this really means.

There are so many opportunities to do this type of insider trading, that it is a wonder that more of it isn’t discovered. Politicians enter public office with a modest net worth. Years later, they may be wealthy. How does that occur, given the high cost of living in Washington, D.C.?

With as news sensitive as the markets have become, it is easy to imagine ways that it can be manipulated. Sad? Yes. Surprising? No.

Use antitrust, RICO, and other laws to break up the power of big corporations who have manipulated the markets in problematic ways.

Return to Article 1, Section 8 limits as rapidly as possible.

Restructure the income tax after 2021 to eliminate income taxes altogether, to be replaced by a tax that doesn’t require returns of any kind. For those who’ve never studied the history of the income tax, it is an eye opening matter.

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The market has doubtlessly been played before, insider trades are a related fall out of what Senators Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and President Trump have all called  rigged system. As pro-free enterprise believers in a constitutionally limited government, the honest are suffering from the game playing of the dishonest. Draining the swamp also means draining the various ways how the swamp and big business intersect. See the related report, below our email headline news signup.  The founders were correct to impose Article 1, Section 8 limits.  If we want to avoid scandals like the one that seems to have cost Collins his seat, the goal should be to fully grasp the wisdom of the founders, and work our way steadily back to those limits on federal power.  That could reduce, but never eliminate, such occurrences.

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