Declaration of War on Manufactured Housing Independents, Enlightened Self-Interest; plus Manufactured Home Investing, Stock Updates

DowJonesAvg3.12.2021AtCloseYahooMHProNewsFor readers old and new alike, the headline is not hyperbole, as this outline, data, and what is linked from this report and analysis will arguably reflect. Rather, the case can be made that it is the truth hiding in plain sight, so long as someone is willing to look. 

  • Warren Buffett led Berkshire Hathaway acquired vertically integrated Oakwood manufactured homes in 2002.
  • In 2003, after what Kevin Clayton called an “ugly” legal battle, Berkshire acquired Clayton Homes and over time, lending units and loan portfolios.
  • In 2005, Clayton Homes was part of the FEMA fiasco, as several mainstream media reports documented.
  • After 2005, the manufactured home industry experienced an overall decline in production and shipments. More specifically, comparing production in 2005 with today reveals that fewer HUD Code manufactured homes were built that year than 2020.
  • In 2008, the Duty to Serve Manufactured Housing and other underserved markets was passed into law as part of the Housing and Economic Recovery Act (HERA) that year.
  • In 2009, Tim Williams, then and now the President and CEO of Berkshire owned 21st Mortgage Corporation sent a letter reportedly via the U.S. Mail, by fax, and internet to thousands of manufactured home independents. That letter is linked here. A legal researcher and several attorneys have indicated directly to MHProNews that this was a prima facia case of antitrust and possibly RICO or other violations.
  • Following that 2009 letter, thousands of manufactured home independents vanished, while some may have sold out to others at discounted valuations.
  • Despite Tim Williams claiming that economic conditions forced that 2009 letter that used 21st Mortgage Corp letterhead, a statement by Kevin Clayton in a video interview with transcript linked here clearly seems to contradict Williams claim.

That is about enough to introduce the declaration of war statement from one Warren Buffett.



Note how Buffett doubled down on that statement – and declared victory – just a few years later?

There are those who might argue that Buffett was jesting. It was a rhetorical device. There are plenty of things that Buffett might say to dodge past the plain meaning of his words. At the same time, there are other things that Buffett has also said – or that Kevin Clayton said for “Warren” – that would mitigate against anything other than the plain meaning of Buffett’s quoted statements.

The first casualty of war is the truth. That’s an ancient phrase that has been said by numbers over the centuries. Buffett is a reader. If Buffett was on a witness stand because a serious piece of litigation was underway and he was being deposed under oath, a simple question might be asked.

  • ‘Mr. Buffett, have you heard the expression the first casualty of war is the truth?’

There are – hypothetically speaking – any number of ways to nail such issues down as are found in this outline and in the featured focus below.

One more question that might be interesting to ask a deposed Buffett is this.

  • ‘Mr. Buffett, you reportedly like history and enjoy reading. Have you ever heard, read, or personally used, this historic quote before from Vladimir Lenin?’ He should then be shown the quote in question.



There is more, and the relevance of this for investors, professionals, and numbers of others will be our featured focus segment tonight.

To lighten the moment before returning to what could be considered a quite serious topic, this video trailer has been viewed over 127 million times.



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On a day that saw manufactured home connected equities with mixed results, let’s press ahead toward the focus on Buffett’s declaration of war on manufactured housing independents.


Quotes That Shed Light – Industry, American, Social, National Issues






By keeping the manufactured housing market underperforming, it de facto causes all business in it to be undervalued. That in turn creates bargain prices. Is that just luck, or is it part of the Buffett ‘Castle and Moat’ strategic plan to create a slowly developing monopoly?



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  • Newsfront
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The first casualty of war is the truth. That has been said in many ways over the centuries. Here is one example.




Warren Buffett and Kevin Clayton made it clear that they have declared war with a smile. Viewed through that prism, of course it would be no surprise that Tim Williams/21st has made statements that there is prima facie evidence that contradicts his own claims. Buffett and Kevin both contradicted Williams written statement! The hottest report on MHLivingNews for months is one that is drawing Clayton customers and others in droves.



But that just tees up the report earlier today and related reports from earlier this month and the last few weeks reveals some sobering but powerful truths. The case can be made for the following.

  • Manufactured housing is underperforming not by accident as much as it is by design.
  • Warren Buffett, said Kevin Clayton, would provide whatever resources that Kevin said he would want for his business unit and affiliated lending.
  • That would mean that the underperformance of manufactured housing is not an accident. Rather, it is a calculated decision. It is part of a series of purportedly interconnected efforts designed to hobble the industry.
  • There is more bad news, but there is also good news. See the report linked below. Digest carefully. Read the related reports. Then ask yourself, why is it that no one in 2021 is willing to publicly defend and/or debate the concerns raised by numbers of MHI members (past and present), MHARR, outsiders studying the industry, and/or MHProNews and MHLivingNews?
  • The good news? Critical mass is rapidly approaching. The opportunity to push back through a variety of means is beginning to take shape.

The time for fear, confusion, tepid, or other behavior is past. The profits and the future are by responding to the declaration of war by fighting back – legally and in a savvy fashion. See the related reports. The linked reports demonstrate the dramatic drop in independent producers, retailers, communities, and others since Buffett-led Berkshire entered the manufactured housing field.

When war is declared, it is not time to play nice.



Bad news is arguably part of the moat. A lack of good news serves a dastardly use for someone who wants to consolidate the industry too. Since Buffett-led Berkshire bought Clayton, the industry is actually smaller today than then. How is that possible, during an affordable housing crisis, unless they wanted it to be so?

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Manufactured Housing Industry Investments Connected Closing Equities Tickers

Some of these firms invest in manufactured housing, or are otherwise connected, but may do other forms of investing or business activities too.

                  • NOTE: The chart below includes the Canadian stock, ECN, which purchased Triad Financial Services, a manufactured home industry lender
                  • NOTE: Drew changed its name and trading symbol at the end of 2016 to Lippert (LCII).
                  • NOTE: Deer Valley was largely taken private, say company insiders in a message to MHProNews on 12.15.2020, but there are still some outstanding shares of  the stock from the days when it was a publicly traded firm.  Thus, there is still periodic activity on DVLY.


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