Charges Filed Against Mobile Home Resident, More Pending, the Other Side of the Story?


It was not too long before we began publishing MHProNews that our publisher was providing professional management services for a mid-sized manufactured home community operator. That upper-Midwestern firm had an inside joke that several management team members would tell one another when certain kinds of surprising- to shocking-incidents occurred. They would say two words. “Free entertainment.” The incidents that would draw that comment between management could range from the truly humorous, to sad, or somber. Or as some might say, ‘stuff happens.’

Failure to care properly for people or pets is not a laughing matter to most people of good will.

That is the allegation against Donna Mullins of Pell City, AL, who was investigated for animal cruelty. Mullins, a resident of “Shady Dale Mobile Home Park,” provided local media (WBRC) with an opportunity that seems to occur all-too-often, namely, spotlighting a dark note about mobile or manufactured home living. Let’s look first and the meat of the story, and then unpack it on the far side.

Per WBRC,Pell City [AL] authorities are investigating an animal cruelty case after multiple dead animals were found inside a mobile home.”

Here is the balance of their report:

Start of extended quote from the source shown.

There were multiple dead animals and carcasses inside the trailer. Three adults, including the homeowner, and two adult children lived in the home. The home was covered in roaches, feces on the floors, and it was difficult to breathe according to Pell City police. The Pell City Fire Department treated the people who lived in the home. Officers contacted the Alabama Department of Human Resources, which responded to the scene.

The animals were taken to the Pell City Animal Shelter. Officers say they were malnourished, infested with fleas and some were missing eyes and showed signs of abuse.


Donna Mullins, the homeowner, was arrested and charged with obstruction of governmental operations. More charges could be filed.”


There are several reasons for spotlighting this issue over others that could be selected at this time. First, is the reason shown below. At the time this report is being drafted, it is the top story.



Second, these are the types of evidence-based but nevertheless potentially misleading news reports that a pro-growth manufactured housing association ought to be tackling. Bad things happen in all kinds of housing, and this type of charge happens in conventional housing, not just in a ‘mobile home.’ The examples of other news stories below demonstrate that reality. What follows are news reports out of HOAs – conventional home owners associations.  Take out the search phrase ‘home owners association’ and the results would mushroom.



MHLivingNews periodically does reports that debunk certain unjust myths about mobile and manufactured home living. Stories like the one below should be widely linked, especially when troubling incidents like the one above occur. Why? Because it was a university-level researcher that determined that crime is not more evident in mobile or manufactured housing than in other forms of housing.



To change the image of manufactured housing in your market, there are several options. One is to see the related report, accessed from the linked text/image box below. Click on the image or the headline to read that report. The wisdom of supporting such a post-production trade group was advocated by the Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR) almost 2 years ago, in research published here.

What’s Next For Emerging Pro-Growth Manufactured Home Trade Group?


There is routinely another side of the story to dark tales involving mobile or manufactured housing, including the point that whatever the troubling allegations might be, something similar is occurring in conventional housing too.

That’s the other side of stories like this one.

There are voices that have already said as much, including those connected to the post-production ‘umbrella’ association, the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI). Put differently, there are those who have said before that there is wisdom to pushing back on negative, stereotypical stories.  That being so, why isn’t that being routinely done by MHI and/or their major players?


This is an example of wheat and chaff, which is one of the reasons why MHProNews provides occasional quotes from Frank and Dave. There are demonstrably true things that they say, while others may be driven by an agenda that is arguably self-serving, not industry serving.



Someone – more to the point, a group of properly motivated individuals – must stand up routinely for pre-HUD Code mobile home or post-HUD Code manufactured home residents, as well as manufactured housing independent professionals. With decades of experience with what happens without pushback, the reasons for why even accurate but perhaps misleading reports is aptly summed up by Brad Lovin.
Lovin is spot on with this.

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But instead of pushing back against problematic reports, as careful and longer-term manufactured home professional news readers of MHProNews have learned, Warren Buffett and company have through ‘donations’ have done the opposite.  They have demonstrably – through donations – fueled bad news against the industry.

It is sad that scenarios like the one reported in AL occur. But far more serious are the scandals that deep pocket players are fueling the attacks on manufactured housing, to the detriment of manufactured home owners and professinals alike. That merits Congressional and other legal inquiries.

If that seems counterintuitive, then read the report linked below about barriers.  The proverbial lightbulb of understanding may go off once you and your peers have read the reports linked above and below.

Barriers to Entry, Persistence, and Exiting in Business, Affordable Housing, and Manufactured Homes

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