As Washington Boils, and Trade Roils, POTUS Heads to MN for Rally – Plus MH Market Updates

CNNmoney6.20.2018ManufacturedHomeStocksMarketsReportsMHProNewsThe carefully orchestrated backlash to the enforcement of federal immigration law has taken center stage in media for the last 2 days. Forgotten is who passed the law, or that Presidents Bush and Obama to various degrees had a similar policy of enforcing the law.  Trade is still on investors minds, as markets closed mixed.  Having signed an executive order on the issue of separating children from those who crossed the border illegally, President of the United States (POTUS) Donald Trump heads to the battleground state of Minnesota to campaign ahead of the midterms.  That will be our focus tonight.

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Selected headlines and bullets from CNN Money:

  • ‘Stranger Things’ caused an Eggo boom. Now sales are waffling
  • Walmart ‘disturbed’ its former building is migrant shelter for kids
  • Shale exec: US will be the world’s biggest oil producer by the fall
  • Iran: OPEC should stick to its production limits
  • Amazon, Berkshire and JPMorgan announce CEO of their health care company
  • CEOs call out Trump’s ‘heartless, cruel’ border policy
  • Seth MacFarlane, Judd Apatow and other Fox talent slam Fox News’ border coverage
  • China’s economy shows signs of slowing. A trade war won’t help
  • Chinese investment in the US has plummeted 92% this year
  • Europe will hit US products with tariffs starting Friday
  • Why investors should bet on individual stocks
  • Is Manhattan’s rental market finally cooling off?
  • Hate on Facebook all you want. The stock’s at an all-time high
  • Wells Fargo’s ethics hotline calls are on the rise
  • Gatorade is going sugarless for the first time
  • How office design can isolate women
  • The world’s biggest advertiser wants women to produce half of its ads
  • Top bitcoin exchange says over $30 million in cryptocurrencies stolen
  • Ford and Volkswagen may develop vehicles together
  • Nearly a quarter of Americans have no emergency savings
  • Elon Musk: Tesla worker admitted to sabotage
  • Starbucks says it will close 150 stores next year
  • Telecom companies say they won’t share your location data anymore
  • ‘Alexa, order me room service.’ Amazon’s voice assistant checks in to Marriott hotels
  • CVS will now deliver your prescription

Selected headlines and bullets from Fox Business:

  • AMC Theatres launches subscription movie service to rival MoviePass
  • American, United shares rise as airlines rip Trump immigration policy
  • Stocks mixed amid trade and immigration talk
  • 21st Century Fox accepts Disney’s higher bid
  • Could China turn to Iran oil? Former Exxon president weighs in
  • New 1040 tax form will be the size of a postcard
  • Germany’s largest automakers back abolition of EU-U.S. car import tariffs
  • Clinton gets ‘kid gloves,’ while Trump gets ‘brass knuckles:’ Grassley on IG report
  • Teenager becomes millionaire with healthy candy business
  • How Trump’s steel tariff is helping mining industry in Minnesota
  • Tesla sues former employee for allegedly stealing company secrets
  • Immigrant entry for all is not sustainable: Varney
  • For some Americans, ride-sharing more affordable than car ownership
  • Buffett, Bezos, Dimon find health care CEO in Harvard professor
  • Genesis, Kia, Hyundai lead the way in initial quality
  • 9 ways to save on vacation this summer
  • Tip: Try to book last minute. Planning early doesn’t always save you cash.
  • Google AI can predict when you will die
  • For some Americans, ride-sharing more affordable than car ownership
  • Would you be better off selling your car and taking Uber or Lyft?
  • Dubai real estate a hotbed for money laundering: report


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Today’s Big Movers

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Today’s MH Market Spotlight Report –

POTUS Trump’s approval numbers are near his record high since taking office, and are as good or better than Presidents Reagan, Clinton, Bush, or Obama at about this same point in their presidency.

Talk of a blue wave is vaporizing, but not gone.  Some GOP hopefuls are cautiously hoping for a red wave in November, based upon the best economy in years.

But Democrats have found an issue with the border and separating children from parents.  The narrative and echo chamber are having some impact with voters, according to a CNN poll.

Against the backdrop of the so-called trade war with China and others, plus the immigration issue, the president will be in Minnesota for a rally to support his party in a state he narrowly lost in 2016, and in a district that he won.

The bullets are from CNBC.

•          President Trump holds a rally in Minnesota on Wednesday as he faces widespread backlash over his administration’s policy of separating migrant children from parents. The president signed an order Wednesday afternoon aiming to end the practice.

POTUS Trump is a pragmatic leader on a challenging issue.

•          Minnesota is a key midterm election state, and Trump has increasingly tied the critical elections to his efforts to crack down on illegal immigration.

•          Minnesota will elect two senators this year and has four highly competitive House races.

•          In November, Minnesota will elect a governor and two senators, due to the resignation of Democratic Sen. Al Franken over sexual misconduct accusations. Nonpartisan analysts consider four House seats — two each held by Democrats and Republicans — as toss-ups.

•          Minnesota as a whole is hardly Trump country, as Democrats have carried it for decades in presidential elections. However, Democrat Hillary Clinton won the state by fewer than 2 percentage points in 2016. That made the state more appealing to Republicans for both 2018 and Trump’s re-election bid in 2020.

•          Trump will speak at 6:30 p.m. local time in the 8th District, a broad area in northeastern Minnesota represented by Democratic Rep. Rick Nolan. The seat is one of the GOP’s top House targets. Trump won the district by about 15 percentage points in 2016 and Nolan will not run for re-election.

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