2020 News: Big Brother, Antitrust – Anti-Monopoly – Manufactured Housing, and You


Let’s string together what may seem to be disconnected points, that are in fact quite inter-related.

When the New York Times this morning opens with the words, “Joe Biden Announces 2020 Run for President, After Months of Hesitation” that is less than a ringing endorsement by their staff writers.

It is followed by this: “The former vice president has stayed on the sidelines while his record has been scrutinized. His entry is sure to reshape the Democratic primary contest.” Those parts of their morning news are certainly worthy of their flagship role in left-of-center media reporting.

A routine irony in reading the NYTimes is this. They often espouse a worldview where the elite can guide the nation into a better world.  For the NYT, government plays a key role in that vantagepoint.  So, headlines like this next one that is also from the NYTimes reveals that government intervention can often make a problem worse, not better.

NYT Editors’ Picks

San Francisco Had an Ambitious Plan to Tackle School Segregation. It Made It Worse.” By Dana Goldstein, “A system devised to empower parents and integrate schools has not worked as intended, offering a cautionary tale to districts across the country.”

That subject, wittingly or not, is directly connected with access to affordable housing, and thus manufactured homes is in the background of so many of these issues.

Access to affordable housing is one of the larger issues that loom ahead.  So too are antitrust laws, and more.

Among the campaign issues in the various races for 2020 that will impact manufactured housing professionals and investors.  Among them are tax or regulatory policies, antitrust, land use or housing policies, law enforcement in general, finance or access to capital, and any rules or proposed laws that have a manufactured housing specific impact.

Ryan Young at the Competitive Enterprise Institute had this to say yesterday, “Both parties are making antitrust regulation a 2020 campaign issue. Neither President Trump nor most of the Democratic candidates are proposing improvements. Over at the Washington Examiner I take a closer look:

After a two-decade lull following the Microsoft case, big antitrust enforcement cases are back in vogue. Both political parties are making antitrust regulation a 2020 campaign issue. Regulators, politicians, and voters have reasonable concerns about concentrated corporate power. But few policies are easier for big companies to game than antitrust regulation. Reformers should favor having fewer regulations for special interests to capture, not more.”

Quoting that’s should not to be construed as MHProNews necessarily endorsing Young’s views.  Wheat and chaff, with all people and things.


That disclaimer noted, it is to report that Young’s arguably correct about these aspects of his quoted statement above: “Both parties are making antitrust regulation a 2020 campaign issue,” that’s demonstrably true. Further, “big antitrust enforcement cases are back in vogue. Both political parties are making antitrust regulation a 2020 campaign issue. Regulators, politicians, and voters have reasonable concerns about concentrated corporate power.”

Other than MHProNews, there is no one else in manufactured housing trade media that has seriously dealt with the issue of monopolies, antitrust, and how those topics have and do impact the currently low state of the new manufactured housing industry production, sales and the ripple effect that has throughout the industry.

While others talk about monopolistic practices, say our competitors in trade media, they have largely avoid writing about the topic itself.  That revealing, isn’t it?

Now, hone in on this pull-quote from Young:

But few policies [antitrust law] are easier for big companies to game than antitrust regulation.”  That’s also arguably true, as our reports have tended to reveal.  For years, clever methods have been deployed that have as a goal expanding certain big-boy brands Moats. Those methods are ways to game the system.

As you discern who you plan to support in 2020, keep antitrust regulations and law enforcement in mind.

While the Trump Administration has not yet had a breakout case in antitrust, Young is correct in noting that “After a two-decade lull following the Microsoft case, big antitrust enforcement cases are back in vogue.”

As political realists here at MHProNews, one ought to recognize that the nearly two-year Mueller investigation was a drag on the White House politically. As a political ploy, and speaking from the independent perspective of a non-party aligned publication, the Mueller probe and others like it in Congress were arguably successful in hobbling the GOP during the first two years of the Trump Administration.

That’s now in the rearview mirror.  Useful economic growth policies are a testament to what was done despite a brazen attack on the 2016 election outcome.

So, it is unclear what President Donald J. Trump may or may not have done in the absence of that political assault exemplified by Mueller. That’s not to give the White House a pass, but it is a reality that in fairness ought to be considered.

Inside MH…

There is a message circulating yesterday and today from our publisher to specific industry leaders, trade publishers, and personalities. It seeks feedback from them.  Several in the message chain are tied to the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI), Clayton Homes, 21st Mortgage Corp, their attorneys, plus others.

Because there are already several federal and other investigations reportedly underway tied to the above, and the potential for more, it may not be a surprise if they continue to sit on their 5th Amendment right to remain silent.  Because anything they say could be used against them later in a court of law. MHProNews will update you on that outreach at an appropriate time.

But mainstream news evidence that such probes are ongoing is found in the video posted below.

Public viewing on that video are increasing since the Daily Business News on MHProNews began to post it.  Some things just take time, as Warren Buffett has said himself.

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