YIMBY, Amazon backed Plant Prefab Introducing ADUs, Product Video



Treehugger says, “Yes in my back yard” (YIMBY), “Yves Behar and Plant Prefab introduce ADUs.”


California recently signed into law the okay for a broader use of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs).

The environmental focused publisher, says, “The reason prefabs make so much sense in the A.D.U. context is that the added construction is easy on neighborhoods and neighbors. It can take two, three years to build something, with all the noise and visual pollution. And wasted materials that come with that. But with the YB1, it takes about a month to build it in a factory and a day to install. It comes prewired with all your electrical, HVAC, appliances — everything is ready to go. Prefabs make it so much more accessible for people to add housing stock, and it’s so much cleaner.”




That’s an argument that factory-builders know well and embrace.




Lloyd Alter, writing for Treehugger, said: “…in the comments, the usual objections come up: $480 per sq ft is $200 higher than a conventionally built custom home with nice finishes. Good idea, but it appears there is a high premium for these ADU’s.” Or, “Yet another toy for the rich with no practical basis in reality for the majority of people, and only those who live in the sunbelt and in wealthy enclaves.” Or, “This is beautiful and definitely solving a problem… for people with money. Not sure how it helps homelessness or people with less money.”

Alter then goes through his reasons for rebuffing some of those concerns. For the general public, Alter’s points are okay.

But for modular home builders, or especially for HUD Code manufactured home producers, it misses the tremendous value differential between conventional construction and manufactured housing.


Fresh Facts, Figures, Future of Affordable Housing -Comparisons- Conventional Site-Built v Mobile/Manufactured Home Industry Data


It is a reminder that California alone could be boom town, for a visionary operation, with or without the support of a savvy trade association.



It is also a reminder of why MHProNews has lead the factory-built home trade media in tracking how big tech has been nibbling around the edges of factory home building in recent years. See the related reports, linked below.

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