What the Latest Numbers from #1 Manufactured Housing Market Texas Reveals


In a media release from the Texas Manufactured Housing Association (TMHA), here are the latest insights.

Shipments in November moved down from both October and November of 2017 as the market faced fewer production days, rising interest rates, and falling oil prices,” said the TMHA statement.



Manufacturer annual totals for (November, year to date) MH shipments in Texas,” are as follows.



During an affordable housing crisis, however someone might chose to spin it, the manufactured housing numbers from Texas are foreboding.  Pause to consider what the market potential is, versus the actual results?  For example:

Collage by MHProNews.


The new data from Texas yesterday reveals once again the arguably false claims by the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) and their dominating Berkshire Hathaway members, such as Clayton Homes. 

In response to our Daily Business News on MHProNews fact-checks, evidence, and “follow the money” research, a voice from Indiana is whining in defense of MHI, instead of standing up for the interests of the independents he claims to represent.  

But far more important than a threatening letter from a claimed attorney for the Arlington, VA based MHI, or a voice from Indiana that can’t refute a single claim made here on MHProNews, are those dozens of new readers signing up for our industry-leading emailed news updates, joining the thousands of others already on our e-list.  

As or more important are those from within MHI – or within/tied to Clayton, 21st Mortgage, other Berkshire brands, and from other industry sources – who are providing a growing stream of news tips.  

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Traffic on MHProNews has steadily grown for about 16 months, because industry professional readers want to know. Smoke and mirrors from Knoxville, Arlington or their rewarded allies only takes professional people so far, or for so long. Then, pros eventually wise up to the fact that sweet voices that say sweet things may in fact be leading you into troubled waters.

So while others in MHVille who are tied to the Omaha-Knoxville-Arlington Axis play “the smear”  plus duck, dodge, dismiss, detract, distract, and defame – MHProNews will show the facts, evidence, and what common-sense suggests. Remember the 6Ds, and then understand why people use them.  By contrast, we hold those ‘MH leaders’ accountable for results that don’t match their claims or words.

It’s simple, actually. If any of our MHProNews reports were factually inaccurate, then the Omaha-Knoxville-Arlington Axis and their allies could simply disprove them. So why don’t they? Why do our fact checks stand on their own merits? Because the facts checked stand unrefuted. It’s the principle of Occam’s Razor.



The fact that MHI is apparently using another purported pawn-puppet – one tied to SECO related scandals – instead of dealing with the issues that are keeping manufactured housing at historic lows suggests the latest ‘over the target reactions is for them a #Nettlesome issue.  Compare what TMHA said to what MHI themselves said, because facts are facts, no matter how #Nettlesome. 



Facts are facts. If MHI, Clayton, 21st or anyone designated on their behalf can point to factual errors in a report, let them do so. The TMHA and MHI data only confirm what MHProNews previously reported, summarized in part in the graphic below.


Otherwise, the industry must recognize that the data reflected above or in other related reports linked further below stand publicly undisputed. Emotions have their proper place, when emotions rouse us to do what a mature person intelligently should do. But heads in the sand and happy talk help no one, but a few consolidators a.k.a. monopolistic players.





Reason and common sense must be in the mix too.

Kenny Lipschutz, MHI member and HomeFirst Certified Communities.

The only way to solve a problem is to first recognize it exists, and then use a goal-and-solution oriented approach, one based upon facts to solve what needs correcting.



If MHI’s CEO Richard ‘Dick’ Jennison had a good explanation for why the performance is so poor, in spite of their multimillion-dollar budgets and all of their supposed promotional efforts, why doesn’t he just give the explanation?




The wise don’t go to a doctor over an illness or disease, and then beg for a reason to keep doing unhealthy habits. Rather, the wise seek the facts, then look for the path that returns the body – business, or an industry – back to good health.  For a late Christmas gift, we give once more the gift of the unvarnished truth coupled with common sense. Some will hate that truth or fact checks, but the largest professional audience in MHVille finds us to be informative, as well as entertaining.


OTR from industry pros. We get the full range of comments, but the most common words we read include, these two “Thank you.”





Gus’ message came in response to a series of exposes on issues within manufactured housing, as well as tips, strategies and opportunities.

The MH industry has been essentially flat when it could be rocking and rolling. We’ll dig more deeply in to the causes and solutions in 2019. Join us for the ride by signing up for our popular headline news emails, above or below. See the related reports, below the notices and byline, for more insights and facts on the new manufactured home shipment trends.

Rephrased, we’ll have FUN in 2019 while calling the ‘powers that be on’ the carpet, and holding their performance up to their own problematic claims and words, vs. the actual performance our once roaring industry achieved.  The only way things will change is if the status quo is challenged.

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