What are the FACTS about Manufactured Housing Industry Traffic vs. Real Estate? MHVillage, MHProNews, Manufactured Housing Institute Data


There are several kinds of webmaster tools data, and research services that measure website traffic.


A colleague of some competing trade media bloggers and publishers raised the question of traffic and site data  That source, an ally of several competitors, suggested that the Daily Business News publish a report.

This report is a response to that challenge.

Quoting a phrase verbatim from a much longer emailed message, “What you [MHProNews] probably don’t realize is, others – not me – track and report their findings to interested parties in the industry.”  Rephrasing, some are talking trash, claiming our traffic is lower then claimed, and there’s is higher. What that source politely told MHProNews is that we should “put up” more facts about our traffic claims.

That sparked a discussion that lead to the following report, which will begin with a broad look at how manufactured housing stacks up with mainstream housing.  Then, we will turn to a look at some specific manufactured home (MH) industry sites, including – but not limited to – MH trade media sites.

The topic is actually an important one for the manufactured housing industry’s understanding of itself, with respect to the broader housing market.

One more quick preface. Be it Google, Alexa, Webalizer, or whomever, the most accurate site data will always come from website tracking done at the server level.


Let’s dive into the data, from Alexa first – a popular website rank rating service, an Amazon brand – and then look at the third party data from Webalizer and MailChimp.


First of Two Data Set Reviews 

The data below will start with Alexa’s data on some conventional housing websites.



Realtor (NAR)


National Association of Home Builders

NAHB data reflects longer engagement, but a higher bounce rate, than Zillow and Realtor, per Alexa.

Clayton Homes

Note that Clayton Homes trails all of the conventional housing sites above, in every category. That’s not unusual in manufactured housing, as a look at other site’s data confirms.


Sun Communities



MHVillage has its MHInsider as part of the main site, so there is no easy way to use Alexa data to determine that specific traffic. That said, the photo below of stacks of unclaimed MHInsider suggest their readership rate could be low.


One possible correction on a prior MHProNews report. Based upon anecdotal reports, including from Clayton Homes sources, the Daily Business News presumed that the Clayton Homes website may have more traffic than MHVillage. If the Alexa data is accurate, that would be in error. If so, the above serves to correct or clarify the record.  MHProNews strives to be factually accurate, and will always correct or flag when a statement, controversy, allegation, or concern raised may be in doubt.


Manufactured Housing Institute (ManufacturedHousing.org, MHI)

The bounce rate, per Alexa, is more than double that of MHProNews. Engagement on MHI’s website, per Alexa, is low.

Some of the sites that follow, like the one above for MHI, have disclaimers from Alexa that say – “not enough data.” See an example, shown below.



MHProNews.com (a.k.a. MHMarketingSalesManagement.com)

Because Alexa has no tracking device authorized on our server, the best they can get is an estimate. The more specialized the site, the less accurate their estimated data is likely to be. That said, Alexa shows MHProNews traffic and engagement are higher, and our bounce rate lower, than other industry websites. FYI – the higher the bounce rates, like MHI has, means people don’t stick around. Webalizer data will demonstrate that the Alexa data is in fact too low.  Bounce rates are like a golf score, the lower the better. 

George Allen (Community Investor blog)


MHReview (MHR)

The traffic on MHReview is so low that it generates no Alexa estimate, as of this date.

American Housing Advocates

AHA is seen by several of those who know about it as an MHI surrogate site.


Unpacking the Data

When a webmaster

  • has signed up a site for statistical ratings,
  • and if that data is collected from the server itself,
  • as logic suggests, that server-based data is routinely going to be the most accurate.

Outside measurements services that AREN’T based on the server are at best, estimates.  The more specialized the website, the more skewed that estimated data could be.

That said, the following data from Webalizer, which is server based data, becomes useful and meaningful.

Note that server based Webalizer reflects that MHProNews has more than double the page views vs. what Alexa estimated. This makes the points of server-based weblog generated data vs. estimates from a service, like Alexa.


The Alexa estimates reflects that MHProNews is well ahead of MHI in engagement.

MHI data, if they have given Alexa and/or others with the proper server access, may be accurate. But as noted above, the data from MHProNews is at best a third party estimate.  Server based data from Webalizer is thus going to be more accurate.


Webtech – Under the Hood

Getting a bit more technical.  MHProNews is a frankly complex site in terms of it’s structure. That goes back to the web developer, almost a decade ago and long gone, who designed the site for MHMarketingSalesManagement.com a.k.a. MHProNews. We’re not faulting anyone, just stating facts.  For example, there are a number of c-Panels, and numerous URLs, which have their own unique traffic counts.

While weblogs are generated automatically, gathering the data from individual c-Panels is a manual process.

So the data above from Webalizer represents only one c-Panel data source, not all of them. We don’t have time to gather all that data together for this article, but its important to note that the last time we did so, the final graphic was absolutely accurate, per third-party Webalizer data.  Webalizer tells us traffic is higher today than a year ago, so interpolating the data means that graphic is now an understatement of actual totals.

Mail Chimp


The Bottom Line

MHInsider ™, the Manufactured Housing Institute, George Allen’s Community-Investor blog, ManufacturedHousingReview (MHR), AHA, et al do not reveal their news blog traffic data.

When MHI last published their data, MHProNews was over 500 percent higher than their self-reported traffic. While their website is ‘prettier’ today now then then, their low page per view and high bounce rate don’t suggest a reason to think that the spread between MHProNews and MHI are significantly different. We’ve grown, they may have too, but the spread is likely the same.

Alexa’s report of MHI’s high bounce rate, and low pages per visit speaks volumes.

Based upon known data, and visual evidence like what is shown below, all the evidence points to MHProNews being the runaway number one news source in the manufactured housing industry.

It’s interesting to note that Alexa’s estimate, and Webalizer both reflect that traffic on MHProNews is rising.

This graphic is about a year or so old, and was a composite of the various c-Panels at that time. Based upon Alexa’s estimate, and Webilizer’s data from only 1 cPanel – not all of them on MHProNews – the totals above are likely too low.

The bottom line is that the evidence strongly suggests that MHProNews is still the runaway #1 trade source in the manufactured home industry, and has been for several years. Our internal data shows traffic and our email list are both up from the same time, a year ago.

The data does matter, and the facts point to industry professionals and investors relying upon MHProNews for the most complete, independent, and trusted news.  ## (News, analysis, and commentary.)

(Third party images, and cites are provided under fair use guidelines.)

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