Want to Sell More Affordable Housing? Discover Top U.S. Karaoke Bar – a Manufactured Home

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Want to see more manufactured home sales in the U.S.?  One of the proven ways of accomplishing that aim is to help people ‘connect’ with the product being offered. Authentic story telling is one such method.


Among the top 15 Karaoke bars in the U.S. is Santa’s Pub, according to the Matador Network.

The Santa’s Pub karaoke bar in Nashville is an older manufactured home converted for the purpose, according to an interview with music star Kid Rock.

Santa’s Pub (Nashville) – Hosted by a dude who looks like Papa Noel after an all-nighter with Waylon Jennings, Santa’s Pub is housed in a double-wide that serves $2 beers and is populated with Nashville singers both fledgling and washed-up, all united in their commitment to naughtiness and off-key singing,” according to the Matador Network.

The video below from local Fox 17 media says it’s a single section manufactured home, not a multi-sectional.



Kid Rock mentioned Santa’s Pub during an interview. The wealthy performer is also a manufactured home owner himself. He’s not a spokesperson for the industry, which may be a good thing. Why? Because that means the music star is not a pitch man, he’s a manufactured homeowner by choice. That’s far more compelling for many than a paid spokesperson.

The superstar performer and KR’s manufactured home are the subject of a new report that is found at this link here.

How can this or other authentic stories help sell more manufactured homes?

It’s obvious that some so-called leaders in our industry either don’t know how to grow the business, or don’t want to grow the industry at this time, even though they may posture efforts at growth,” observed marketer L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.

So, this is tool – for those who grasp its power – is for those in the industry who want to grow soon or now, not someday, later,” Kovach said. “Genuine story-telling done correctly is a valuable tool.  But it isn’t a paid star pitchman that the industry needs, that has only limited value. Rather, it is third-party stories told by those who get no reward at all, save the person’s desire to share their experience. Let’s add this related tip. If it a video or story found on your own website, that’s not as nearly as powerful as a story told by a third-party media. That’s one reason why the Manufactured Housing Institute [MHI] videos haven’t done much. They are obviously by MHI, for MHI and select members, and it’s all on MHI’s website.  They should have known better. MHI videos are a pitch, and savvy shoppers see right through that ploy. For companies that mimic that on their own company website, you’ll have a similar same effect, namely, not much.  Want more evidence? There is a state association that invested in several videos for their members.  Sales in that state have gone down, just as national manufactured home sales have trended down for 9 months.”

But if there is a third-party telling a story that you’ve linked from your website, and it takes your guest to another website, guess what?  More people will find that third-party story on a third-party website far more credible.  At the right time, when they get closer to buying, they will more likely circle back to the source that shared that link.”

To learn more about free or paid business development services, click here. “Three little letters – that for some DIY’s could be free, or if you hire it done would be a modest one-time cost – could increase their new manufactured home sales,” Kovach noted.

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B2B or B2C.

Warren Buffett is right about this, some things just take time.  We gave MHI and their bosses years to show just what they can, will, and won’t accomplish. They said they are the leaders. Hmm, well then look at where they’ve led the industry? Sales are declining, year over year.  Why follow that ‘leadership?’ That would be a mild form of insanity,” Kovach said, “To follow those who are leading the industry backward makes no sense, does it?”


Ouch, that straight talk would sting some in the Omaha-Knoxville-Arlington orbit, but doesn’t it make sense? We Provide, You Decide.” © ## (News, analysis, and commentary.)

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