“Unprecedented Amount of Damage,” Says HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson

HUDSecDrBenCarsonPhiladelphiaPASept192017Officials from both parties are praising the more organized response by FEMA and others in dealing with disaster recovery, as the Daily Business News has previously reported.  But reminiscent of the post-Katrina disaster, revival will still take years, HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson stated.

Carson has recently toured some disaster impacted areas, and commented on in places such as post-Harvey Texas and post-Irma ravaged Florida.

What I’ve seen has really been a catastrophe, an unprecedented amount of damage from natural disasters, which means we need an unprecedented response,” the News-Press said that Carson told reporters at HUD headquarters. “Funding allocations are an overriding priority. We want to move the compensation into people’s hands as quickly as possible. But despite our best efforts, that of course will take some time.”

Congress recently appropriated 7.4 billion in federal aid for disaster relief.

Those sums, Carson says, will be carefully allocated.

It will include relief to those low- to moderate-income homeowners without flood insurance, businesses which won’t qualify for a Small Business Administration (SBA) loans, as well as for infrastructure projects that state and local governments can’t afford to repair.

HUD’s Ben Carson, and MHI’s Rick Robinson – Manufactured Housing Connection?

At Deadwood, South Dakota’s recent 5 State Convention meeting, Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) Senior Vice President and General Counsel, Rick Robinson, touted MHI’s meeting with Carson’s chief of staff. As was reported at the link here, Robinson publicly declined all questions from MHProNews.


Among the industry’s trade media questions that Robinson ducked in Deadwood was this.

Given MHI met with Carson’s chief of staff, where’s the evidence in Carson’s public statements or actions with respect to bottom-line benefit to manufactured housing?

As Lesli Gooch and others with MHI have done in public presentations, Rick Robinson touted their meeting with HUD Sec. Dr. Ben Carson’s chief of staff. But if it was successful, where’s the evidence? Why are they promoting a bill to ‘control’ what HUD’s Pam Danner is doing with their oversight, instead of asking for a new appointee by the Trump Administration? To learn about the over 2 dozen reasons why MHI rival MHARR says that Danner needs to be replaced, please click here.

If MHI’s meeting was successful, then why is Carson not talking about manufactured housing’s role in post-Harvey and post-Irma disaster recovery?


Pay More Attention to What People Do Than What They Say

Applying long-time MHI award winning member and critic Marty Lavin’s principles, shouldn’t the industry pay more attention to the results than the posturing or self-praise chest-thumping by MHI?

Editorially, MHProNews has promoted the notion that Dr. Carson needs to invest one to three days touring manufacturing centers, retail centers, communities and talk to actual home owners of manufactured homes.

If Dr. Carson does that, sources tell MHProNews, he can’t help but be impressed with homes produced by regulations his federal agency ultimately overseas.



Manufacturers who have had the experience of providing such tours to public officials have told the Daily Business News on MHProNews that it is routinely an “aha!” moment when an official see first-hand the modern realities of the business, vs. the outdated myths and misconceptions that of prevail in the mainstream media, among policy advocates, politicos, bureaucrats and others.  ## (News, analysis.)

For the 400 Word Executive Summary of MHI, click here.

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