State Facts on Manufactured Home Ownership, MH Data by Year Built, and You

ManufacturedHomeFactsWhyTheyAreMisunderstoodDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsProsperity Now has created a new market study, focused on manufactured housing.  While their research spotlights a specific state, it may shed light on some of the causes of media, officials, policy wonks and the public impressions of today’s manufactured homes.

As the chart below compiled by Prosperity Now reflects, the percentage of mobile and manufactured homes broken into categories by the years they were constructed.

In our new video interview with Frank Rolfe, he mentions the Eminem movie, 8 Mile. Rolfe says that many in the media have precisely that 8 Mile mental image as their impression of what a manufactured home is. The still shown is from the video further below

A previous report that analyzed Prosperity Now’s report on the Road to Zero Wealth.  The advocacy group – previously known as CFED – often produces useful research, even if some of the conclusions drawn by some from their statistics may be problematic.  See that linked here.  But their belief in manufactured homes as a tool for wealth building and as a path to solving the affordable housing crisis is solid.


This chart shows that over half of all MH in MA are pre-1980.  While some of those are post-HUD Code, they will include the kind of “metal on metal” homes which cause millions to shout, NIMBY.


The use of the term “trailer” would best apply to a pre-mobile home era housing. The homes in this still are properly mobile homes. One of several notable point for Prosperity Now’s work is that they routinely use good terminology. See their chart, below.

Coupled with the point that Prosperity Now makes that only about ½ of 1 percent of the state’s residents are living in a mobile or manufactured home, it underscores Rolfe’s point.

Compare the footage shown in the YouTube video with the new manufactured home that Rolfe asserts most are unaware of in America.  That dovetails with a Zillow/MHLivingNews report that only about 4 percent of millennials consider the manufactured home option.

For a more detailed, and broader context for the Frank Rolfe video, click here. ## (News, analysis, commentary.)

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