RV Community Deals with Issue of Permanent Residency

gazettextra reports the covenants and zoning agreements established when an RV community was developed in the 1970’s have not been enforced. The original rules for Rock River Leisure Estates RV park in Edgerton, Wisconsin, state it is a vacation resort and does not allow permanent year-round living beyond nine months, although the tacit agreement has been for residents to leave for a couple of weeks each year. A new rule passed by the park’s homeowner’s association is attempting to comply with the original zoning requirements, much to the chagrin of a number of residents who in some cases have added central air, rooms, wrap-around decks, and fireplaces to their RVs, and cannot afford another residence, or to leave for three months. One resident says the township and the park approved his alterations. In 2009 town attorney Mark Schroeder sent notices to the park stating that people living there permanently on RV sites were breaking the law and could face fines of $1,000 a day. Last year the park’s association sued one couple for being permanent residents. While the judge ruled in the park’s favor, the ruling gave the couple no deadline for compliance. On Oct. 3 a group of 32 residents filed suit to block the homeowner’s association from enforcing the residency standard. Several homeowners at the park have asked the city to amend its zoning to allow permanent residency, but the city says it has no authority over the covenants of Rock River Leisure Estates.

(Photo credit: Rock River leisure Estates)

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