Residents in MHC Live with Uncertainty

TahoeDailyTribune reports South Shore Capital bought Tahoe Shores Mobile Home Park near Stareline, Nevada in 2002 to develop the 17 acres into 143 condominiums. While the project awaits funding, South Shore has been buying the remaining homes and renting them out, telling residents the community could officially close at any time, but not allowing any new homes into the community. has learned ot now owns 82 of the 140 plus units. Built on the site of an old airstrip at the south end of Lake Tahoe in the 1960’s, once the Tahoe Beach Club receives funding residents will be given six months to leave and their homes will be bought. Until then, homeowners have the option to sell their homes to South Shore at the appraised value. Tom Castaneda of South Shore says, “The homes aren’t new and the streets aren’t new like they were. We will put in whatever we have to put in to keep it livable and to keep renting those places.”

(Photo credit: TahoeDailyTribune/Dylan Silver)

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