From Soda Bottles to Shelters

SmartPlanet tells us graphic designer Michael McDaniel has developed a reusable, portable disaster relief shelter made of polypropylene, the same material used for soda bottles, that can sleep up to four people. The Exo Reaction Housing System has slots in the walls for attaching bunk beds that can convert into couch-like seating. The units are similar to upside-down coffee cups that stack 15-20 on a semi-truck for ease of transport, but light enough that four people can lift each shelter. The keyed-door and interior dead bolt provide security that may be essential in a chaotic environment, and because of their composition the units can be recycled. has learned that while McDaniel designed the shelters with catastrophic events in mind, inquiries have been made from festival promoters, campgrounds, and persons wanting to use them as sheds.

(Photo credit: SmartPlanet)

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