Recent Polling Favors President Trump, Generic Ballot Sliding toward GOP, Manufactured Home Industry Implications?

PPPIRecentPollingFavorsPresidentTrumpAsGenericBallotsSlidesTowardsRepublicansMHProNewsSome new public polling suggests possible long term benefits to Democrats, even though the generic balloting for the 2018 midterms are steadily sliding more toward their GOP opponents.


According to a Washington Post/ABC News poll found Democrats’ edge had narrowed to 4 points, dropping by half since January.

While there are several individual races where Democrats are out-fundraising Republicans, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) has trailed the Republican National Committee (RNC) by a wide margin for months.

Perhaps the most interesting news note is that even in amidst the well reported mainstream media news bias against President Donald Trump, his approval among white evangelical Christians has risen steadily since the 2016 primaries.

The president’s approval with white evangelicals is now even higher than during the 2016 election.

According to research performed for the non-partisan Public Religion Research Institute (PPRI) finds white evangelical support for President Trump at an all-time high, with 75 percent holding a favorable view of the president and just 22 percent holding an unfavorable view.”

This level of support is far above support in the general population, where Trump’s favorability is at 42 percent,” said PPRI.


A southern woman summed it up in a recent cable news spot, when she said that they didn’t vote for their pastor to be president, they voted for Donald Trump, knowing his strengths and weaknesses.

Religious Affiliation, per PPPI

More than seven in ten (71%) white working-class Americans identify as Christian, and white working-class Americans are significantly more likely than the general population to identify as evangelical. Roughly one-third (31%) identify as evangelical Protestant, another one in five (20%) identify as mainline Protestant, and roughly one in five (17%) identify as Catholic.

One-quarter (25%) of white working-class Americans are religiously unaffiliated, a rate comparable to the general population.

Only three percent of the white working class belong to a non-Christian religious tradition.

Looking ahead to the 2020 election, Trump’s support among white evangelicals is also strong. White evangelical Protestants who identify with or lean toward the Republican Party say they would prefer Donald Trump, rather than another candidate, to be the GOP nominee for president in 2020 (69 percent vs. 23 percent),” said PPPI.

President Trump performed better among minorities in 2016 than Mitt Romney did in 2012, though he still trailed Secretary Hillary Clinton by a wide margin in 2016.  Recent polling indicated that Secretary Clinton’s popularity has steadily eroded since the election.

Pew Research said that black turnout dipped in 2016.

But sentiments like those of Robert Johnson, the first black billionaire who founded BET, may be promising for the president, and those in the GOP like him.  Johnson, who has met with President Trump, flatly denies the accusations of racism lodged against him.

RobertJohnsonBETRLJCompaniesDailyBusinessNewsMHProNews news/emerging-trends-opportunities-reflected-in-interview-with-americas-first-black-billionaire-robert-johnson/

Johnson also said that the president’s policies are clearly improving the circumstances of blacks, and all Americans.  He praised the president’s policies, and said in the video on the page linked above that he has had ready access to key people in the Trump Administration.


Industry Impact?

The Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR) has stated for years that manufactured homes aren’t a partisan issue.  MHARR’s lobbying is bipartisan, and they have no PAC.MarkWeissJDPresidentCEOManufacturedHousingAssocRegulatoryReformDailyBusinessNewsMHProNews

JuanitaDugganPresidentCEONationalFederationIndependentBusinessNFIBpostedDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsThe National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), which strongly promoted tax cuts, has also praised the president’s regulatory reforms. NFIB numbers hundreds of independent manufactured housing industry businesses, per sources at NFIB to MHProNews.

MHARR’s point about manufactured housing being a bi-partisan issue is true. But it must be noted that Democratic policies in the last decade:

  • created Dodd-Frank,
  • ObamaCare,
  • raised taxes,
  • and witnessed the kind of regulatory overreach such as Democrat Pam Danner, J.D., exhibited during her tenure at HUD of the manufactured housing program.

Each of those have tended to be harmful to the interests of most independent manufactured housing businesses and professionals. Some Democrats have urged a more pro-worker platform, but others have pushed for an anti-Trump campaign.

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