Presidential Insanity? Billions in Dollars, Tens of Millions of Lives Impacted

Left to right, Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Hussein Obama, Donald J. Trump.

The last administration’s policy and the current one couldn’t be more different on a wide range of issues.

Those policies impact our nation, the world, and our industry.

The false alarm about a nuclear attack on Hawaii reminds us that this can get very real, very quickly. Thankfully, it was a false alarm.  But what if it had been real?  How could it be that after 3 presidential administrations, the North Korean situation wasn’t already resolved?

So which president’s policies – then or now – that led up to our current days, have made the most sense?

The left tends to support what President Barack H. Obama wanted to do on domestic and foreign affairs. Those on the right, tend to support – with notable exceptions – the policies of President Donald J. Trump.

President Trump, during his campaign, blasted both GOP president George W. Bush and Democratic Presidents Clinton and Obama.

Billions of dollars – trillions since the Middle Eastern conflicts have begun in earnest since 9/11 – and tens if not hundreds of millions of lives are impacted by American’s presidential decisions, based upon policies and politics.

CNN is popular in Iran.  They broadcast in their native language, Farsi. As you can imagine, CNN is as anti-Trump for them, as it is here in the U.S.

The interview below and the video with Senator Orin Hatch is going viral in Iran – not via YouTube, but rather through social media and hand-held devices. It is of keen interest among those supporting or interested in peaceful regime change in Iran.

Published on Jan 12, 2018, this video below was posted onto social media, which is still spotty due to their government’s restrictions on foreign communications.

Friends in Iran sent me the video.

It is Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi, meeting recently with Senator Orrin Hatch. The source is the Democratic Iran Channel.

The next video is via British Sky News.

It’s Personal, and Professional

For this writer, it’s personal as well as professional on what’s taking place in Iran.  I still have friends and family there, and because of the nature of the regime, my words must be measured – and yet encouraging – for their sake.

“You Made Me, Promises, Promises…” Historic Iranian, American Lessons in Freedom

Let’s do a friendly discussion, via a Q and A.

If you were for then POTUS Obama’s policies, please try to explain the following. How was giving about $150 billion dollars to Iran, to what the U.S. government under both GOP and Democratic leadership has called for years one of the largest state sponsors of terrorism, how  could that possibly make sense for Americans – or for the Iranian people?

If you were for Mr. Obama’s policies, how was it logical that a regime that supported those who were and are killing and maiming American troops posted abroad be given $150 billion dollars?

When the 2009 protests were going on in Iran, Mr. Obama didn’t have to invade. But why not at least give some encouragement to the people themselves?

The Iranian people have for decades been pro-Western, and pro-American.  The government went through a radical shift back during the President Jimmy Carter Administration years. Still, most of the people remained pro-Western, pro-American, even though there has always been a portion of the population open to and embracing radicalism.

The Obama administration told Americans to expect decades of Middle Eastern conflict, a ‘generational war’ with ISIS.  Under President Trump, who unleashed American military rules of engagement, we now see ISIS almost completely crushed in Iraq and Syria, after less than a year.

Who’s presidential policies were wise?  Who’s policies were foolish?

Think this doesn’t matter for business?  Just watch what happens to the markets if a major war, or disruption of oil, or other events occur.

Of course it matters.  It matters to everyone who’s known a wounded or killed soldier in those Middle Eastern wars.  It matters to the people there, who have been trapped in a war that has already lasted twice as long as World War II.

If our American nation is to be at war, why not fight to win?  Why not win over ISIS, and then bring our American military home? Why not end the carnage – through victory –  stabilize truly freedom loving, indigenous governments, and then bring our service personnel home, and save lives, limbs and untold billions of more costs?

Realize that Russia is supporting Iran.  They are propping up the Iranian and the Syrian regimes.

For those who’s minds are closed, no amount of evidence will make sense.  For those whose minds are open, the logic of President Trump’s reality-based policies will make sense.

We pray daily for the people of Iran’s economic, political and religious freedom, and that their government return to a more pro-Western policies.  We ask that you join us in that prayer, as it is one that is good for America and the world too. A safer world, is better for all, including those of us in manufactured housing. “We Provide, You Decide.” © ## (News, Analysis, and Commentary.)

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