No Impeachment Says House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (CA-D), Trump 2020 Budget Rollout, Plus Manufactured Housing Stock Updates

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The usefulness of our evening ‘left and right’ headline news recap for busy manufactured housing industry professionals is perhaps more useful than ever since we began the practice some years ago.  In about a minute or two, most pros can get the top headlines from across the political divide. That said, tonight’s feature will be two different but interrelated topics.  Speaker Nancy Pelosi (CA-D) says she’s of the mind that President Trump isn’t qualified, but she is against impeachment.  That will stir some buzz for a while. Plus, the White House has rolled out the 2020 Trump Administration budget proposal for the federal government. On a day when markets rebounded, as did most manufactured housing tracked stocks, those the Trump Budget and Pelosi items make up our featured reports for this evening.


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Select bullets from CNN Money…

  • Time is running out for Elon
  • Monday is the deadline for Tesla’s CEO to tell the court why he shouldn’t be held in contempt
  • ANALYSIS Why grounding 737 MAX jets is a big deal for Boeing
  • Boeing crisis escalates as countries ground 737 MAX jets
  • Wells Fargo’s CEO says the bank has changed. Congress isn’t so sure
  • Earnings look weak now, but here’s why you should play the long game
  • Stitch Fix shares pop 19% after hours on strong holiday quarter
  • Apple’s movie-themed event is March 25
  • Tesla is raising prices after backtracking on store closures
  • New York magazine lays off staffers as publication undergoes restructuring
  • LIVE UPDATES Instagram founders push back on Elizabeth Warren’s plan to break up big tech
  • ‘No peak’ in oil demand yet, despite electric cars, IEA says
  • HBO Theranos documentary goes inside the secretive, controversial company
  • Shopping Content by CNN Underscored
  • 30-year fixed rates just declined. See if you qualify
  • This is the man who said ‘No’ to Netflix
  • Tiffany has always been classy. These guys are making it cool
  • She turns Elon Musk’s bold space ideas into a business
  • Winklevoss twins on their bitcoin bet: ‘Money is the oldest social network’
  • Should investors own any bitcoin in their portfolio?
  • What you need to know before investing in cryptocurrency
  • Overstock is still a retailer but it wants to be a blockchain company
  • JPMorgan’s move into crypto puts the rest of the industry on notice
  • Here’s how to get on a board of directors
  • Navigating sticky money situations at work
  • The subtle art of calling in sick
  • How to prove you have management potential
  • Why the way you accept praise at work matters

Select Bullets from Fox Business

  • Trump 2020 budget calls for stricter work requirements, welfare reform
  • Stocks up as economic data, tech shares offset effect of Boeing woes
  • Boeing 737 Max Jet Latest
  • These US airlines operate Boeing 737 Max jets
  • Boeing has orders for more than 5,000 737 Max jets.
  • Boeing 737 Max 8: How to know if you’re flying on one
  • FAA says Boeing 737 Max 8 jets ‘airworthy,’ will act if safety issues found
  • A Boeing 737 Max 8 jet was involved in a deadly crash over the weekend.
  • WATCH: Joe Piscopo says AOC’s Green New Deal is a Red New Deal
  • Toys R Us’ real estate arm exits bankruptcy with new name
  • Fed’s Powell says no recession in US economy anytime soon
  • Tesla’s Elon Musk vs. the SEC: Did he violate a court order?
  • FDA lifts ban on genetically modified salmon
  • Piscopo: Mark Cuban, Oprah in 2020 can give Trump ‘a run for his money’
  • John Kasich on Green New Deal: US needs ‘free-market’ solution to climate change
  • Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó joins FBN’s Trish Regan: EXCLUSIVE
  • Amazon is hiring 3,000 remote workers right now, here are some tips on snagging one
  • Nvidia to buy Israel’s Mellanox for $6.8B in data center push
  • Iconic NYC Chrysler Building sold at serious discount
  • Martha Stewart’s pot partner talks marijuana money
  • As budget deficit balloons, few in Washington seem to care
  • Trump budget will seek funds for border wall, Space Force
  • Kudlow: No reason to ‘obsess’ about budget deficit
  • Continue to Trump’s Budget Proposal
  • NASA chief predicts SpaceX, Boeing safety reviews to end ‘very well’
  • Chef Boyardee products recalled over mislabeling, undeclared allergens

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In an interview with the Jeff Bezos owned Washington Post, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said today “I’m not for impeachment [of President Trump].”

This is news. I’m going to give you some news right now because I haven’t said this to any press person before. But since you asked, and I’ve been thinking about this: Impeachment is so divisive to the country that unless there’s something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan, I don’t think we should go down that path, because it divides the country.”

Put differently, it’s a bland admission that there is a lack of such compelling and overwhelming evidence.

Pelosi may also be making a tacit admission that it didn’t work for the GOP against then President Bill Clinton in the late 1990s, and it may backfire for Democrats if they tried it today. Don’t expect any bombshells from Special Counsel Mueller’s looming report that will show the president colluded with Russians in 2016.  If that’s so, keep in mind that MHProNews signaled that 2 years ago.

And he’s [President Trump] just not worth it,” Pelosi said.

The Washington Post asked Pelosi if Trump was “fit to be president.” Pelosi responded withAre we talking ethically? Intellectually? Politically? What are we talking here?…All — All of the above. No. No. I don’t think he is. I mean, ethically unfit. Intellectually unfit. Curiosity-wise unfit,” the Democratic Speaker of the House said. “No, I don’t think he’s fit to be president of the United States.”

While there are bound to be firebrands push back on that ‘no impeachment’ call, including from her own party, it may help with more financial market stability. Investors like more certainty.

Speaking of markets, Fox Business reported this evening that President Donald. J. Trump’s budget calls for reforming the nation’s welfare programs. It starts with strengthening work requirements for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, also referred to as food stamps), Medicaid and HUD housing assistance.

While a hardship exemption will exist, most able-bodied individuals between 18 and 65 will generally be required to work at least 20 hours per week in order to receive assistance, get job training or community service, Fox said according to senior administration officials. It’s projected to save some $327 billion over 10 years.

Other changes – 5 percent more for the military, but numerous other cuts equal to about 5 percent, are supposed to save “trillions of dollars” over recent federal spending practices.

Administration officials told Fox that the proposed budget, along with the last two budget proposals, contain more reductions in spending than any president has ever proposed.

That may be true, but even with increased federal tax revenue collections, and with fewer federal workers since the tax cuts act, the deficit continues to grow.

CBS notes that over 8 billion more is being requested for border wall or fencing funding.

In case you didn’t notice, the seemingly non-stop campaign season – now for the 2020 election cycle – is also in full swing.


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