NIMBY strikes as council nixes manufactured housing use requested by over 100 residents

NIMBYnotInMyBackYardDuring their Aug. 18 meeting, the Georgetown, SC city council members denied a request to rezone the West End to permit the addition of manufactured homes on more than 200 vacant lots.

A petition signed by 150 residents asked to rezone that area from R5 to R3, to allow manufactured homes as low income housing, reports Max Hrenda in the SouthStrandNews.

Once they received the petition, the city council sent the matter to the planning commission for a recommendation, where hearings and public meetings took months before it was finally declined.

Georgetown’s West End Redevelopment Plan was first drafted and approved by the city in 2004, states Hrenda’s report.

City Councilman Sheldon Butts, however said the commission also recommended the formation of a subcommittee to examine the Redevelopment Plan at greater length.

Mayor Jack Scoville offered to oversee the appointments to the committee.

I guess I’d appoint two people on each side of the issue,” Scoville said. “… I’m sure we can find four people who feel strongly on both sides of the issue who are willing to serve. I’ll make the appointment, and we’ll have to get two people on council who are willing to do it.” Mayor Scovill was first elected in 2009, having previously served on the council from 2006-2009.

NIMBY and Manufactured Housing

Gary Adamek, Fayette Country Homes, TX.

Gary Adamek – a Houston, TX area retailer – and Scott Cannon – national sales manager of a Clayton Homes manufacturing facility in Waco – faced a similar issue in Texas, and with the support of their state’s association director, took on Huntsville’s dim view of manufactured housing.

Adamek said that “The municipalities have hurt us way, way more than Dodd-Frank,” he said in an in depth report linked here.

The Daily Business News plans to track this issue, and we may update this story with insights from association leaders, who have been asked for comments that were not yet in at the time this report was published. ##

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