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Let’s be clear. There are good reasons to use proper terminology.

That said, this world-famous “epic and honest” commercial further below has 4.8 million views at the time we are posting it on the Daily Business News on MHProNews.

At the time that WAAY-31 TV spotlighted them, they were already an internet/YouTube sensation, with over a million views. There’s perhaps no better intro to their YouTube commercial, than this local TV news feature.


The images in the 79-second Cullman Liquidation Center’s commercial-video below are gritty.

The talk is blunt.

It’s like watching a lower-tech version of performer Kid Rock in his Podunk music-video, which also featured clips of numerous manufactured homes, including his own.  Kid Rock’s video has over 21 million views, as of this date.

These guys and gals at the Cullman Liquidation Center are far better marketers, and no doubt harder workers, than anyone at the Arlington, VA based Manipulative Housing Institute (MHI) ever dreamed of being. Who knows how much MHI spent on their consultants and producers who created half a dozen videos that have what, under 3,000 views combined at the end of a year-plus?

So we at the Daily Business News on MHProNews respect their north-central Alabama YouTube achievement, while noting that this engrains a stereotype.  It’s a stereotype that neither MHI nor Clayton has successfully erased.

So, Cullman Liquidation’s “epic and honest commercial” apparently intuited that in their case, for their target audience, this was an approach for them. Not agreeing, just saying it is what it is.  And without consultants and 6 figures spent by MHI on ineffective items, these guys and gals became a sensation.

They thereby totally blew away the results of the Monopolistic Housing Institute.

That’s epic and honest.

Raising a Glass, A New Year’s Toast…

I’m not a beer drinker, but I’d raise a mug of beer to these guys and gals, as well as to the thousands of industry professionals:

  • who get under the manufactured homes,
  • move the metal with a totter down the road safely,
  • build the block piers,
  • hook up the utilities, and also to those who
  • build the homes,
  • mow the community lawns,
  • service and maintain the homes and properties,

that keep our industry literally moving, and alive.  Three cheers to the ones who get it done! They are epic and honest.

Here’s The Challenge

The challenges to these guys and gals – and all others like them that they symbolize – is that they should use that same creativity to get involved in the #NobleNotMobile effort.

#NobleNotMobile, New Contest and Video Program Launched, Exclusive Details

Let’s see what these guys and gals in Cullman can come up with that would elevate HUD Code manufactured housing.  Let’s also call on everyone else that’s cares about this industry and growth to use their creativity in this same #NobleNotMobile fashion.

We need to inspire, uplift, and correct the terminology, so that millions more will embrace what our industry does.



Those north of the border ought to think about what Canadian Al Kemp had to say about this topic too.

“Trailer Park Boys” Al Kemp, Canadian Manufactured Home Community Association, Reacts to Netflix Series

Hi Tony, The short answer is that – at least in Canada – “trailer park” connotes exactly the type of persons portrayed in Trailer Park Boys. This is a long-standing stereotype that was perhaps somewhat relevant 25 or more years ago.


Let’s see what these internet sensations from Alabama can creatively do that would make manufactured home living appealing to all classes.

My hunch is they could pull it off.

Are they – or You – Up for the Challenge? Because these are the kinds of things that done properly, would help change our industry’s image and sales for the better.

About 1/3 of the nation rents.  Millions more want to downsize. Now is the time to get this done.

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