More Confident About Future than 3 Years Ago, Americans Still Have Concerns, Per New Survey, MH Industry Opportunities


CNBC and Survey Monkey conducted a survey of some 2,300 Americans in March, 2019. This is a particularly apt example of how “News through the lens of manufactured homes, and factory-built housing© could significantly reshape for the better the lives of millions of Americans.

Before turning to the MHProNews analysis, let’s begin with what the CNBC and SurveyMonkey research results discovered.

  • In the 45-to-54 age group, 35 percent of survey respondents peg “being able to save enough for retirement” as their top personal finance concern. Among people ages 55 to 64, that share is 42 percent.
  • Experts say if you’re feeling more confident about your financial situation, it’s a good opportunity to address your savings anxiety.
  • Putting a plan in place — whether you have a savings shortfall or not — can go a long way toward having peace of mind.

Failing at Money CNBC Video



  • While the Great Recession that ended in mid-2009 is far in the rearview mirror, recovering from it proved challenging for many people. And competing priorities — including home purchases, college educations, unexpected financial emergencies, higher health expenses — have squeezed a lot of household budgets.
  • Yet now, with the economy in its 10th year of expansion, wages creeping up and unemployment below 4 percent, experts say being in a better place financially is a good opportunity to address your savings anxiety.
  • If you haven’t already engaged in financial planning or done your own analysis, now is a good time to do it,” Boneparth said. “When you don’t do a retirement plan, you’re just guessing and shooting from the hip.”




Now, as a ‘financial news channel,’ that last bullet is a pitch for turning to financial advisors.  We’re just stating the obvious, there are certainly pluses or minuses to that, depending on the advisor involved.

The news is good, but it could be better. How so?  Short answer?


By more opting to own manufactured homes than other more costly forms of housing.


But what this report – as is so often the case – doesn’t touch upon is the role that modern manufactured homes could positively shake up the lives of millions of Americans.

Recall what Professor Ken Johnson from Florida Atlantic University (FAU) told MHLivingNews.  He explained that saving money on housing, and using that savings for retirement or other positive goals could put many Americans ahead of the curve financially.



There are any number of potential appeals that manufactured home sellers, advocates, and promoters could raise.

But what the industry is witnessing instead is arguably posturing promotion, fig leaf efforts, rather than a robust muscular move to get millions of Americans to seriously consider the manufactured home alternative.

That doesn’t require a national program.  Rather, it is arguably best done at the local level, because no two markets are quite the same.

The report below addresses one of the issues that causes potential manufactured housing buyers from taking a serious look.


Debunking the Trailer Trash Stigma for Affordable, Modern Manufactured Housing for Residents, Home Shoppers –

There are few turn-offs that are arguably worse to manufactured home owners and residents than that of ‘trailer trash.’ First, it is unjust. Second, there have been no mobile homes since June 15, 1976. The ‘trailer house’ era ended roughly 2 decades before then.

Other issues that may be diverting potential shoppers from manufactured home communities and retail centers are found in more links below the byline and notices.  The video below is one of several from the report linked above.



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The First Step to Problem Solving and #HousingChoice –

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