MH Activist Group Responds to Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) Orlando Meeting Protests

DaveAndersonNMHOANationalManufacturedHomeOwnersAssociationProtestsDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsThe following formal words from an activist resident group that follow are important, but is far from the full story.

I won’t be at the MHI meeting in Orlando,” Dave Anderson, Executive Director of the National Manufactured Home Owners Association told MHProNews in an emailed comment.

NMHOA isn’t planning to participate,” Anderson said. “I don’t know if our state member group, Federation of Manufactured Home Owners of Florida, is planning to go. The state associations make their decisions independently.”

A follow up question to NMHOA on the above has not taken place as of the time this Daily Business News (DBN) post was drafted.

What Does The NMHOA Reply Practically Mean?  Who’s Not (Yet) Talking About Protests?

The Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) has not yet responded to queries on if they’re taking precautions to safeguard members from the potential negative impact of protests.

MHI board members tell MHProNews that to this point, no formal notice or warning has been detected or transmitted by the Arlington, VA based group to their members.

However, sources say that several state association executives have quietly advised at least some of their key members about these concerns.

But a closer look at Anderson’s reply above may suggest what they may know is being planned by others in the activist, anti-business community movement.

Please return to the quote above, which was emailed by NMHOA’s Anderson. They said that they won’t “participate,” in what?   That could be an important clue, one more confirmation of what follows, below.

The other major activist group, see below, has both replied – and yet dodged the – heart of the questions.

Besides MHI’s silence is MH Action’s – Which are Different.

MHAction has pointedly acknowledged this trade publication’s inquiries.

But they have not yet confirmed or denied the reports that they are planning protests and disruptive activities.

Anderson and his colleague at NMHOA have been contacted about this several times, before the response above came in.  As the photo below – from the NMHOA website indicates – NMHOA features several protests.

NMHOA, and MHAction have both participated in anti-MHC or anti-Industry protests. Sources have advised MHProNews that what’s looming over the Orlando MHI meeting could be far more radical than anything the industry has previously experienced.  Photo credit, NMHOA website.

But sources tell MHProNews that the greater threat of disruptive activity could be from Kevin Borden led, MHAction.

More than one source associated with MHAction have indicated to the DBN – previously and recently – that disruption of the MHI Orlando meeting is on their planning table.

Informed sources have also told the DBN on MHProNews that it’s precisely MHAction, rather than NMHOA, that:

  • disrupting the MHI meeting,
  • capturing that with videos,
  • and posting such protest videos online after the event

as being more of Borden’s style.

Reminder – (Duh…) – Reporting is Not Endorsing

While most who have contacted MHProNews about this looming issue understand that as a pro-industry trade publisher, we are reporting.  However a few who admitted to skimming the news, rather than actually read the reports – had the false impression that this trade media platform is endorsing a protest.

Far from it.

MHProNews has previously spotlighted Borden and company, fisking their anti-industry allegations, in a report published weeks before this protest issue emerged.  To see an example, click the link here


To see a previous Masthead spotlight of these activist groups, some of their history, and their leaders, click here.

The photo is of an actual protest against a community operation, a mock up to illustrate what has and part of what could be happening in Orlando in September. MHI Logo is provided under fair use guidelines. To learn more, click the link above.

To see the previous threads on this issue, click the image above. “We Provide, You Decide.” © ## (News, analysis.)

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