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Mayor Dean Dickey of Columbia, Tennessee was asked to comment via video about Countryside Village location of UMH Properties.


As a housekeeping note for this report, recent data and information from UMH Properties (UMH) will be laced between some other commentary which may not be directly related to the slide/illustration shown.




The video comment by Mayor Dickery are pleasant, but frankly it isn’t compelling dialogue.  The video is grainy, so the Daily Business News on MHProNews shrank the image to make it appear better. Full size, it is not very clear, which may reduce its impact for possible viewers.



That said, the idea to ask a mayor for comments can be prudent. Done professionally, it can be powerful.  This UMH video thus provided a ‘compare and contrast’ ‘teachable moment’ opportunity that public officials can be asked for statements, but also reveals how that can best be done. An example of how that is accomplished is found on MHLivingNews, and is also shown in the video below. Compare the two videos, and then push onto the latest UMH data.



These videos provide a backdrop to new data, documents, and images from UMH Properties, one of the largest manufactured home community operators in the U.S.  The video below is from their 50th anniversary annual meeting last year.



UMH is headquartered in a state that is not currently too manufactured housing friendly. Most of UMH’s locations are in other states. With a GOP contender Bob Hugin in surprisingly in striking distance in the deep blue “Garden State” of a scandal-ridden Senator Bob Menendez (NJ-D), this is also a reminder that the midterms are the time to vote for pro-business, pro-growth politicos.



The right zoning, finance, and other placement policies in New Jersey – and the other 49 states – could open up a number of new home sales options in a state that has outrageously high housing costs.






Sam Landy, JD, president and CEO of UMH Properties (UMH) has taken an interesting view when local media has come after his company for this or that reason.



Landy has said they welcome the media oversight.



That’s an arguably refreshing view, compared to the silence that often comes from the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) when a post-production issue is called into question.





Landy has also stood up against rent control, see that, linked here.



Speaking of post-production, a call from a legal operation today that came to MHProNews may signal a new legal issue over the horizon.  MHI was mentioned as part of that inbound phone conversation.  As information develops, and that may take time, the industry’s pros will want to know.  If you aren’t already on our industry-leading emailed news list, click here to sign up free in seconds.




The UMH data is useful not only to investors, but to other industry professionals for a variety of reasons.



It is also a reminder that while occupancy for manufactured home communities is rising – not only at UMH, but nationally too – it foreshadows a coming ‘wall’ for producers, if the industry’s leaders fail to address the numerous SWOT issues that MHProNews and/or the Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR) have raised for years.



Some of these topics are not raised by other in industry trade media. Why not?  Is it because it would prove embarrassing for the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI), which other publishers are often paid mouth-pieces for – via ads or other gimmies?





Speaking of MHI, almost a week has gone by since MHARR published an update from HUD about an issue that MHI was also advised of by HUD.  Why didn’t MHI email their own members?  They’ve sent out other messages, why not on this topic of interest to retailers and communities?  ICYMI, or need a refresher, see the linked report, below.


HUD “Clarification” on Frost-Free IB Offers More Questions and Confusion Than Answers | Manufactured Housing Association Regulatory Reform

TO: MHARR MANUFACTURERS MHARR STATE AFFILIATES MHARR TECHNICAL REVIEW GROUP (TRG) FROM: MHARR RE: HUD “Clarification” on Frost-Free IB Offers More Questions And Confusion Than Answers As a follow-up to the MHARR memorandum sent earlier today regarding finalization of the proposed “frost-free” Interpretive Bulletin (IB), it now appears that the


The potential for growth in manufactured housing is nothing short of astonishing.  But so long as short sighted, gutless, red-herring, fig-leaf, and/or manipulative strategies are in place that harm smaller firms to the long-term gain of ‘big boy’ producers, the industry will remain limited.



That’s avoidable for individual firms. As UMH President Landy has said to MHProNews, it is up to individual companies to do their own marketing and sales.



The video above opens with a UMH community manager, who praised the energy and insight brought to this industry by our publisher.

As a disclosure, the data from UMH hereby presented are not a specific recommendation.  The screen captures shown are some key points, but the entire IR presentation is located at this link here as a download. We hold no position in UMH, or other companies that are among the tracked stocks presented each business day’s evening.

The closing numbers on UMH, as well as all other manufactured home communities, and manufactured industry, tracked stocks are found at this link here.  The closing ticker graphic shows the 52 week trend, and the daily moves can be monitored nightly in our exclusive reports.

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