The Worst…

2014 was reportedly the worst…


…winter in 20 years;

…road conditions, with major highways closed;

…flight conditions, with cancellations and delays lighting up the boards at airports.

All of those facts dampened the turnout at the 2014 Louisville Show.

In spite of those facts, it was also the best…

…attended Louisville Show in years;

…2014 was also the biggest Louisville Show in years – 48 model homes, some 80 exhibitors and more;

…per comments from a number of attendees, the best Show here in 7-8 years or more;

…best attended educational seminar sessions since the restart of 2011, with positive feedback on every session. Full house and/or standing room only, as you will see in upcoming reports!

Fort Worth, Texas this September 16-18 manufactured home sale will be bringing you extensive post 2014 Louisville Manufactured Housing Show columns and video coverage in the days and weeks ahead.  

For example, we have a number of fast paced or hard-hitting video interviews with factory built housing industry movers and shakers, as well as 'Manufactured Housing's Main Street' mom and pop operators! 

We will also soon bring you another first!  "A Cup of Coffee with…Nathan Smith" all done by video! We plan to showcase that in our upcoming February 2014 issue.

For now, some rough numbers from the 2014 show are:

  • Over 1500 attendees,
  • Over 700 exhibitors,
  • Over 2200 total for the 2014 Louisville Show, which was 2013's best attended industry event! Even with the weather's impact, The 2014 Louisville Manufactured Housing Show handily outpaced 2013!
  • Literally drew attendees from coast to coast, and I'm told even from overseas. We will try to confirm that story for you in the days ahead.

The 2014 Tunica Show in March will be coming up fast. Make your plans NOW to attend! The weather is quite likely to be better, and we know already there will be more homes on display and even more exhibitors!

Many who could not make the 2014 Louisville Show due to weather, will want to be at Tunica 2014 for great educational/business building seminars, plus all the fine fare that makes Tunica a top trade show event in our industry!

Louisville Wrap Up Reports and 2015 Look Ahead

As those or you who attended may have seen, the fine video/production team and leadership from and teamed up at Louisville 2014 on a number of projects. Please stay tuned for video interviews and much more coming to your smartphone, tablet, laptop and computer in the days ahead :-)

dennis-hill-show-ways-unlimited-show-coordinator-mhpronews-com.pngHats off to Dennis Hill, chairman Ron Thomas Sr., the Midwest Manufactured Housing Federation execs, as well as all the corporate and individuals efforts that made this Year's show "the best in 7-8 years!"

Let's keep in mind that every trade show is a massive undertaking, with literally hundreds of pros pulling together to make it happen.

Then, let me tarry a moment and say that Dennis Hill and his Show Way's Unlimited team makes pulling it all together look 'easy.' Dennis doesn't seek the glory, but he and his team deserve a rousing round of applause, as many of you who work with Dennis know!

What the 2014 Louisville Manufactured Home Show proved is that even the worst winter in 20 years won't stop many of us from doing what it takes this year to grow our businesses!

Much more coming, please check back mid-week and keep your eyes on the Daily Business News module for more facts and insights. ##

(Editor's Note, for a fun look at one aspect of the 2014 Louisville Show, please check out this story, 7 Years Old and Going for It!)

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