Clinton Cash – “Devastating” Video

Your profession and our industry are obviously a small subset of the nation.  We could mention Dodd-Frank/CFPB, HUD policies, DOE, the so-called ACA, taxes and a host of other examples of federal impact on businesses. Without diving into details on those topics, what’s certain is that when politicians use the power of government and tip the scales via public policy, regulations and laws – federal action clearly effects industries and professions of all kinds.

If we want to get to the root of many issues in the U.S., correcting what’s gone so wrong in DC is a great place to start.

Typically left-of-center Salon headline quoting MSNBC on Clinton Cash  video.

In conversations and in commentary, the Masthead  has suggested for years that the sheer size and scope of the federal government makes it ripe for waste, fraud and corruption. This isn’t a new idea, going back to the Reagan years or before, many others have made the same claim. But to support that point, MHProNews shared a recent report – download linked here – that documents that hundreds of billions could be cut from the federal budget, based upon waste, fraud and abuse.


New York Times Clinton DNC email scandal
Boos at the DNC convention have occured at the very time when ‘party unity’ is supposed to be showcased. Image credits, New York Times.

Why is so much waste tolerated? 

Without directly answering that question, let’s consider for a few moments a new documentary movie, Clinton Cash.  

Time Magazine – which tends to favor Hillary Clinton’s political party’s policies – says it is “mostly true,” and is based upon public sources of information. Time also states that unlike the new movie, Hillary’s America – which speaks more to conservatives – Clinton Cash  speaks directly to the concerns of progressives, Democrats and their agenda.  

The video engagingly documents “pay for play” Clinton politics on a global scale.

Democratic strategist and former Clinton operative, Doug Schoen, has said that Hillary’s campaign can’t be about her record. That’s a stunning admission by a Clinton ally. Schoen says the nation should expect a $2 billion dollar, mostly negative media campaign, aimed at destroying her GOP rival, Donald Trump. 

Bio from his website:
“Douglas E. Schoen has been one of the most influential Democratic campaign consultants for over thirty years. A founding partner and principle strategist for Penn, Schoen & Berland, he is widely recognized as one of the co-inventors of overnight polling.
Schoen was named Pollster of the Year in 1996 by the American Association of Political Consultants for his contributions to the President Bill Clinton reelection campaign.” Credits: Wikipedia, Google Images,

Think about that fact. $2 billion dollars?! Why?

First, because she lacks a respectable track record of her own. The only way she wins, is by denying, ducking and dodging her own record, as the FBI and the still surfacing DNC email scandals reveal.

In The Sight of Blood, we looked at what Donald Trump supporters had to say last week and why, and how they disproved time and again the spin and Big Lies being told against him; see link here. Image credit, CNN.

Then, she must distract, detract and seek to defame Donald Trump and his populist “America First” campaign, which has often focused on the “rigged system” that members of both major parties have participated in.  

But isn’t it clear that Clinton’s bundlers and donors are expecting to cash in, along side Hillary’s massive operation?  Isn’t it reasonable to think that obsence levels of federal waste, fraud and abuse are tollerated by so many in DC, because it allows for huge scams that bilk taxpayers of gigantic sums of money?


Sanders supporters are expected to protest by the thousands during the Democratic convention. Some may recall that Sander’s rally where hundreds of his supprters chanted about Hillary Clinton, She’s a liar! She’s a liar! 

Pro-Hillary media outlets are spinning a (distracting) theory that the Russians hacked the DNC and revealed those emails to help Donald Trump become president; let’s stop and analyze that claim for a few moments.

If it’s true that Putin’s government hacked the DNC, doesn’t that imply:

  • they have no fear of what President Obama might do.
  • They had confidence that they’d find something in these DNC files to begin with, or why bother with the hack?
  • The notorious Romanian hacker Guccifer told Fox News  that he hacked Hillary Clinton’s infamous private email server in 2013; so isn’t it reasonable to think that the Russians may have her private server’s emails too? Isn’t it at least possible that this WikiLeaks revelation of the DNC emails is a win-win for Putin, because if she wins in November, Russia could be signaling that they could blackmail Hillary with her own emails? 
  • And isn’t it abundantly clear that Secretary Clinton’s silly Russian reset button in fact resulted with a more aggressive Russian posture in Ukriane, Crimea, the buzzing of American ships and planes, and aggressive moves in Syria and with Iran?  

When you see the video Clinton Cash, you may connect those bullet points above with the dots connected in the movie.


The Big Lie

The “big lie” is not limited to communists or Nazis. Anyone with a big enough platform, in or out of politics, could use the big lie. This is why words alone – no matter how lofty – are never going to be enough.  When good actions fail to follow good words, then We the People need to take notice and apply the lessons.

Image credit, Wikipedia.

Hillary’s term as Secretary of State is one failed policy after another – Russia, China, Syria, Iran, Libya the Muslim world – the list goes on and on of examples of places where our relations have deteriorated during her term in office. It will take an onslaught of the Big Lie to get her into the White House. 

If the Clinton Cash   movie is widely accepted, the explanation for some of the waste, fraud and abuse in Washington may be good old fashion greed and corruption.

Articles like the one shown above are examples of the corruption in the political process, and dovetail with the theme of pay-for-play in the documentary, Clinton Cash.

Of course, Hillary isn’t going to admit to corruption, and of course the Democratic party is going to stand by their nominee. So we should expect her convention to be filled with more of what she’s always done. Duck, dodge and deny the allegations against her (half truths and outright lies).  As you ponder that, keep this quote in mind:

Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.” 

– Adolf Hitler

For those who think that the expected $2 billion dollar Clinton war-chest makes her unbeatable, keep in mind that Jeb Bush and his allied super-PACs spent $150 million dollars and gained only 3 delegates for the GOP nomination.  That’s proof that money alone won’t win an election today. Millions of voters are ready for real change in DC – which the 2016 Jeb! campaign showcased.  Millions are ready for change that upends the corruption of the system that has erroded the American dream.  Might this apply to Secretary Clinton?

It isn’t just the right or moderates who are opposed to Hillary and her campaign, thousands of Bernie Sanders supporters are expected to be protesting during the week of the Democratic convention. This image and others below posted on this page are from a progressive-leaning blog, Caucaus99percent. In quoting from this site or others, we’re not endorsing the site, but rather are giving examples of how broad the push-back is to Hillary and her allies.

Third-party candidates are hoping to get a boost from Hillary’s scandals, but over a century of U.S. political history suggests the reality is that Donald Trump is the one person in the race that can beat Hillary.

There will be

  • millions who will vote for the Democratic nominee out of habit,
  • others will vote for her because they expect to benefit from her administration.
This is another sample post from the left-leaning Caucaus99percent blog, regarding Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and the recent DNC email scandal.  One could argue that not voting is going to be akin to a vote for Hillary.

As usual, those independents who are not in either party – of which your Masthead  writer is one – will settle this race. Recent polls suggest that the contest for the Oval Office is close in the battleground states. There are polls out that indicate that Donald Trump has or will taken the lead nationally.

The Clinton’s have a long history that the Clinton Cash  documentary movie – made by Breitbart News Chairman Stephen K. Bannon, directed by M.A. Taylor, and based on NY Times bestselling book by Peter Schweizer – only begins to scratch the surface.  But that well-crafted documentary may have done America a great service, if enough people see it, heed and act upon its lessons.

Tweeted commentary on the “buried” CNN flash poll, linked here.  Article on “political corruption” in PA Democratic politics, linked here.

The video reveals more than enough to make the case for #NeverHillary. As you listen to the Clinton propaganda machine and their allies, please keep this video and the lessons of the Big Lie in mind.  Share the link to the video with those in your circle of influence.

If we want to protect against even more corruption and harm done to our national politics, industry and profession, it begins with something as simple as #NeveryHillary and the devestating video aptly called, Clinton Cash. The logical vote from there will follow. ##

Photo taken during New York Housing Association meeting, Tony questioning regulators.

By L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.

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