CNN Instant Poll on Donald Trump GOP Nomination Acceptance Speech Fuels Twitter Commentary

Donald_Trump_cbsnews__credit postedDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsIn four polls conducted by CNN right after Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s acceptance speech, 57 percent said they had a “very positive” reaction to the speech, and 24 percent disclosed a negative reaction.

When polled about the policies Trump iterated in the speech, 73 percent said they would move the country in the “right direction,” and only 24 percent disagreed. Moreover, 56 percent of the respondents said they are “more likely” to vote for Trump.

Meanwhile, Trump supporters had a field day on social media at CNN’s expense, as the news organization received responses to its poll opposite of what it likely anticipated.

Bill Mitchell suggested CNN “probably skewed their own poll to hurt Trump, (but) he still dominated. Real numbers must be amazing.”

Slone said: “OOPS! Too bad CNN poll says 75% Trump’s speech POSITIVE.”

Collage of CNN graphics credits – Twitter and BizPacReview.

Eric Fehnstrom: “Hard to reconcile media’s gloomy assessment of Trump’s speech with CNN poll that found 75% of voters viewed it positively.”

Citizen Mike remarked: “LOL.. a CNN poll. Their heads must be spinning.”

Fernando Amandi Sr. said: “CNN panel savage Trump’s speech but people in CNN focus group & poll see it different. People grounded in reality.”

Shootersix posited: “Trump CNN Snap Poll: 57% had a “very positive reaction” to the address and 18% “a somewhat positive.” 75%! Journalists in Full Panic Mode.”

Finally, to sum it up, Jesse#Trump2016 remarked: “CNN, The most biased political media source there is, polled its viewers, & even they agree WE NEED TRUMP.”

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Article submitted by Matthew J Silver to Daily BusinessNews-MHProNews.

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