Manufactured Home Set on Fire, Anti-Trump Messages Spray-Painted on Another

Credit: WSTP.

A manufactured home community in Tampa is recovering from what appears to be post-election rage.

According to Bay News 9, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office is investigating graffiti spray-painted on two east Tampa manufactured homes that has also led to an arson investigation.

County fire rescue initially responded to the community in the 10000 block of Bryan Road in east Tampa at 1:15am on November 14th.

Firefighters found a manufactured home with multiple spray-painted messages regarding President-elect Donald Trump and the recent election.

The messages read “F–k Trump and “Burn everything.

Another message read “BLM,” which is how the Black Lives Matter movement is often referenced.

Resident Anna Foster. Credit: FOX 4.

“I was just truly heartbroken,” said resident Anna Foster. “I feel like this is not going to be a good four years… we’re going to have a civil war if this keeps on. It’s just nonsense.”

What a local media source described as a “mobile home” also was tagged with an arrow pointing at the neighboring home, where firefighters had to extinguish a small fire inside. But as informed MH industry pros know, there have been no mobile homes built in the U.S. for over 40 years.

It is also inaccurate to call a “manufactured home” a “mobile home” for several reasons, including the facts that a manufactured home is routinely worth more than a mobile home, plus that a manufactured home is built to strict federal safety standards.  Pre-HUD Code mobile homes had no such standards.

No injuries were reported, but officials said that they discovered graffiti on a home down the street from the incident as well.   This appeared to be part of a pro-election backlash that in many cases was started by anti-Trump organizers, for more on that, see the article linked here. ##

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