Stocks Plunge & Surge – Unity and Protests

presidentelecttrumpsupporters-postedmastheadblogmanufacturedhousingindustrydailybusinessnewsOn Tuesday night as election results began to look grim for Hillary Clinton’s campaign, Dow, S&P and Nasdaq futures all began to tumble.

Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business said she expected that initial reaction, much as happened in England over their Brexit vote.

But Bartiromo said that just as stocks recovered post-Brexit, she expected a rapid recovery in the U.S. too, because President Elect Donald J. Trump’s tax and regulatory policies were pro-growth, a view echoed by former Reagan Administration economist and CNBC contributor, Larry Kudlow.


Indeed, in about a 1000-point swing on the Dow, stocks surged to near record highs, as investors realized that the president elect had a Republican House and Senate.  The Trump agenda should be good for business, jobs growth and a host of other economic benefits, which should be positive for manufactured housing, per the Manufactured Housing Association of Regulatory Reform (MHARR) statement to MHProNews.

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MHARR told the Daily Business News that, “Donald J. Trump’s victory in the November 8, 2016 presidential election promises to bring a sharply different approach to both future and existing federal regulation than has been the case for the past eight years of the Obama Administration, and could mark a return to free market-based regulatory policies not seen since in Washington, D.C. for nearly thirty years.”

Manufactured housing stocks in many cases outperformed conventional housing stocks in the wake of the Trump victory reported yesterday.

Stocks soared yesterday, including those tracked on the Manufactured Housing Composite Index, NASDAQ or the Dow Jones. To learn more click the image above or the link here.

A Call for Unity and Support, Followed by Organized Protests

Videos on the post linked here show President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton calling for support of the legitimately-elected Trump’s administration.

But within hours of those statements by those Democratic Party leaders, protests sprang up in Democratic cities from coast-to-coast.

Even with organized anti-Trump protests, the post-election rally on the Dow continues today on news of the Trump victory, as of 9:51 AM ET. See tonight’s market report for complete results.
The mood of the nation reflected in post-election polling. Credit, Breitbart.

Among the revelations from Project Veritas and WikiLeaks were the facts that anti-Trump protesters were funded by groups connected to the Democratic Party, the Clinton Campaign and their supporters. Social media and other communications methods were used to organize marches and disruptive efforts.

Defacing of buildings and even arson against Trump or GOP offices took place in the run-up to the November 8 election. Undercover video revealed that some fights started at Trump campaign rallies were incited by paid Democratic Party allied agitators, as was the Chicago protests that prevented a Trump rally during the primaries.

So, even as Secretary Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama were giving encouragement to a peaceful transition of power to President-Elect Donald J. Trump, Breitbart reports that allies of theirs were planning and executing demonstrations in various cities across the nation. Coincidence or irony?

Residents of Wisconsin may vividly recall large protests against Governor Scott Walker in the wake of his election and his following efforts to reign in a state government that prior to Walker’s victory and programs, was plagued by mismanagement, waste and corruption.

The 2016 campaign documented the nexus of:

  • widespread media bias, as revealed by WikiLeaks and third party studies of reporting that was 90% unfavorable towards the GOP nominee,
  • paid agitation and violence, which were blamed on Trump rather than focusing on paid pro-Clinton agitators,
  • Democratic talking-points and coordination with the media…

were all laid bare.

The Manufactured Housing Political Reality in DC

HUD MH program administrator, Pam Danner.

Manufactured housing professionals of no or any political affiliations must be aware of the fact that HUD’s Pam Danner, head of the manufactured housing program, is a long-time Democrat. So too is the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Director Richard Corday. The industry should be well aware of the steady stream of challenges for manufactured housing businesses that have flowed from these agencies.

By way of disclosure, MHProNews’ co-founder, Soheyla Kovach and her spouse supported Donald Trump and his candidacy as being better for manufactured housing businesses, home owners and prospective buyers. The Kovach’s are independents, not registered members of any political party.

The Masthead has long taken the view that manufactured housing and affordable housing ought to be non-partisan.

The Trump election bodes well for manufactured housing. By way of news analysis, the election is an important start. Protests yesterday may signal a desire by some parts ot the Democratic party to try to stop the Trump agenda, so vigilance and support for a pro-growth agenda by business professionals and the public needs to continue.

But the reality is that much of the regulatory hurdles the industry has faced in Washington, DC are connected with policies and officials who are demonstrably Democratic.  But it should be noted that some Republican polices, notably trade and a wink-towards open borders, are just as upended by this populist wave that is transforming the U.S. political landscape.

If these organized protests yesterday and the history of similar activity in Wisconsin are any sign, industry professionals should not be surprised if Democrats play an obstructionist role to President-Elect Trump’s agenda.

The Daily Business News and the Masthead will continue to track developments.  ##

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L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach is the publisher of, and MH Consultant.

Submitted by L. A. “Tony” Kovach to the Daily Business News on MHProNews.

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