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A November 7, 2016 election MHProNews analysis.

It’s an exaggeration to say that the mainstream media is all one sided. The AP reported last summer on the linkage between the Clinton’s State Department meetings with Hillary and donations to their foundation (see below).

The New York Times helped break the Clinton secret server scandal, and it has since become clear that the main reason for her unauthorized, private server was to cover the pay-to-play corruption between:

  • the Clintons,
  • their foundation,
  • paid speeches,
  • and Hillary Clinton’s role as Secretary of State.

The Washington Post reported on the billions the Clinton’s have earned through pay-to-play politics.

From the pro-Clinton Washington Post. The Clintons have a history of pay-for-play politics. Is this what you want in the White House?

WikiLeaks has documented from Hillary Clinton’s own campaign chairman, John Podesta’s emails, and a range of embarrassing and corrupt practices that millions of Americans already believed anyway.


While the Clinton campaign tries to paint WikiLeaks as being a Russian plot, one of the under-reported items of the past week is a claim that the source is in Washington, DC.  Furthermore, in over a decade, WikiLeaks has never had a single false document, and third-party tech experts reviewing the leaked documents see no evidence of tampering. So whoever hacked or leaked them, they are authentic.

WikiLeaks Clinton Open Trade, Open Borders.
The “dream’ was in a paid speech by Hillary Clinton to South American bankers.
Weekend news, the latest victim of an unsecured border.

All of this is known from media sources. The leaked documents are real.

The undercover videos exposing Hillary Clinton for who she is and the dirty tricks her campaign has used are real.  Hillary calling roughly half of all Americans a “basket of deplorables,” who she sees as “irredeemable” represents who she is.

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There is no doubt that Donald Trump has said and done politically incorrect things during and a decade prior to this campaign.

This poll is among the most accurate in recent presidential races.
From 270 to Win. The race is close in key states. Wherever you are, every single vote could count. Go vote tomorrow, if you haven’t already.

WikiLeaks has documented the close ties between the Clinton’s and many top mainstream media outlets, and Fox News and others have documented the overwhelmingly negative coverage of the Trump campaign in ways that favor Secretary Clinton. Much of the 2 billion dollars in Clinton Campaign spending has been aimed at tarnishing Trump. Why would such a negative campaign be necessary, if Ms. Clinton had a good track record and policies that would be good for the nation?

Actress walks out on Clinton Campaign TV ad…

If “Love trumps hate” as the Clinton campaign claims, why do they accuse Trump of things that were either:

  • discredited,
  • exaggerated,
  • taken out of context,
  • words forgiven by his wife,
  • or that the Clintons and their allies have themselves done, far more and in worse ways?

Sanders supporter calls out Clinton Corruption at her own rally.

Federal records demonstrate that overwhelmingly journalists and editors contributing to a political campaign are giving to the Clinton camp.

Hillary Clinton on Dodd-Frank
This is one of the most important issues for manufactured housing professionals. Trump is on the industry’s side, Clinton is against it.

A similar study has come out that reflects the fact that most pollsters are pro-Democratic and pro-Clinton in their donations.

Polling disclosures reveal that Democrats are oversampled.  So polls that show Clinton narrowly ahead may well prove incorrect once ballots are tallied on Election day.

ObamaCare is a jobs killer as well as unpopular with tens of millions of voters. Double digit hikes are coming in 2017, if this bill isn’t repealed and replaced by a GOP president and Congress.

So, while the media coverage is often slanted, some level of honest reporting has come out – as the examples above reflect – but the bulk of the coverage is pro-Clinton.  This is an attempt to manipulate or depress voters, the very things that the Clinton’s claim their GOP rival is trying to do.

The arguments for the Clinton Campaign collapse before a close look at the evidence.

Over 40 million votes have already been cast.

Even with billions spent by the Clinton camp and their allies, and billions more in negative media coverage of the Trump campaign, the polling shows the race is a toss-up.


The day before the Brexit vote, only one poll showed that the mood of the British was such that Brexit would pass.  Brexit is a nationalist movement, just as Trump’s movement is an “America First” movement.


The Trump campaign has upset leaders in both major parties.  The GOP and the Democrats have often worked together to keep the borders open and free trade deals moving that harmed America’s industry and workers.

Trump has essentially made a hostile takeover of the GOP.  Many in the party already believed what Trump has spoken about, at so many packed rallies across America.

Democratic policies often sound good.  The people who vote Democratic are routinely people of good will. But the problem is that Democratic policies produce the opposite result of what they often claim they will do.


Dodd-Frank has harmed small banks and lenders, in favor of giant corporations.

Dodd-Frank has harmed consumers – notably those who buy or sell manufactured homes – and has harmed the manufactured housing industry.

ObamaCare has reduced choices, raised costs, raised deductibles, and has made our medical care worse. It was passed on now clearly known lies. ObamaCare also harms job creation, and thus the American worker. HillaryCare would be worse still.

Home ownership rates are at a low ebb.

Rentals are soaring in costs, which harms the poor, working and middle classes the most.

Tax and regulatory policies are driving American businesses into other countries, aided by ‘free trade deals’ – such as Clinton passed NAFTA – that has harmed American workers and independent businesses.

For the first time in decades, more small businesses are failing than opening. Small business is normally the economic driver in the U.S..


Clinton has proven for decades to be a serial liar.  There is nothing her campaign can claim that could be trusted.


Democrats have promised, promised minorities for years, yet the blight and crime in inner cities has only grown. That’s because their policies don’t result in what they promise.


Free enterprise works when it can work, when it’s allowed to work.  Yes, there must be reasonable laws that protect people from abuse by individuals or businesses.  But the vast majority of professionals in the manufactured housing industry are honest and hard working people.

Donald Trump has been successfully tarnished by the Clinton campaign, but despite a historic onslaught of negative ads and press, he is still surging in the late polling.


Voters must remove the dark-colored glasses that have been handed to them, to see the Clinton and Trump campaigns in their proper light.

  • Whatever the last-minute pro-Clinton media spin may be,
  • if it is snowing, raining or whatever the weather conditions,
  • the political outsider in this race is the man who the elites of both major parties, most of the connected super-wealthy, most of the pollsters and media elites oppose – Donald Trump.

Trump’s wife Melania would be a classy first lady, and she proves that he is not anti-immigration. He is for a legal system that puts Americans first.

Trump is for our veterans and law enforcement, who are often thrown under the bus first, and questions are asked later.

Trump is a builder!  He is connected to factory-built housing already! He is the no-brainer choice for our industry.

His hard-working and successful children are the best reasons to believe in his integrity and his appeal to future generations. His wife is a successful professional, and years before others did it, Trump promoted women based on merit and paid women equally.


We aren’t electing a saint; we are electing a person would can fix what is broken in Washington and American politics.

  • Independents are breaking for Trump
  • Black voters are going for Trump in numbers about twice that of past GOP nominees, and the New York Times and others are reporting that black enthusiasm for Clinton is lower than for Barack Obama,
  • Women are returning to Donald Trump,
  • The LATimes and others are reporting that about 30% of the Hispanic vote could be for Trump,
  • Voting for Clinton is voting for continuing the failed domestic and foreign polices of recent years.
  • Voting for Trump is a vote for a “Drain the Swamp” change.

Economists and experts say that initially a Trump win may move the markets lower, but just as the British markets rapidly recovered after the surprise of Brexit, so too American markets will recover and will grow as trillions of dollars offshored return under the Trump tax and regulatory plans. Billionaire Wilbur Ross projects a Dow at 25000 by the end of Trump’s first term and GDP moving from under 2 percent, to some 4 percent.

Economic growth in America is the only thing that can save America’s ballooning debts and deficits. Clinton’s plan is a repeat of President Obama’s.

Free enterprise made America great.  Donald Trump will put America First and has pledged in writing that he will Make America Great Again, for all people of all backgrounds.


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L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach is the publisher of, and MH Consultant.

Submitted by L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach to the Daily Business News, MHProNews.




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