Is the Election Tide Turning?

Bruce Levell, National Diversity Coalition, Trump Campaign.

School Choice is the new civil rights issue in the African American Community,” said Bruce Levell, National Diversity Coalition for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Levell says he seriously believes that some 20 percent of black votes will be for the Trump-Pence ticket.

That may seem modest, but if that occurs, it would be a historic achievement for any Republican candidate in recent decades.

If that margin held true in a state such as Pennsylvania, the odds of a Trump victory on November 8th shoot up.

Independents Breaking “Big League” for Trump

foxpolloct22-25-trumpleadsindpendents-postedmanufacturedhousingindustrydailybusinessnews-mhpronewsAs if on cue following the Daily Business News report yesterday, the latest Fox News poll reflects the all-important political independents are breaking for Trump by 13 percentage points over Hillary Clinton.

While the poll shows Trump trailing Clinton by 3 in a four-way race, that’s just half a percent beyond the margin of error.

Perhaps more significant, is the poll’s sampling was +7 percent for Democrats.

Trump Leading in Florida, Ohio and Iowa

The records and facts reflect the reality that the race – on paper – is still tilted towards Secretary Clinton.

* The electoral map favors Clinton.

* The mainstream media favors her.

* The big moneyed interests – “The Establishment” – favors her.

* The Saudis and the oil-rich states supporting ISIS favor her.

* The Russians have ties to the Clinton machine, which is why some policy experts say they are playing head games with Clinton. What hacked documents – if any – the Russians may have on Clinton, is there any doubt that they might be used against her if she is elected?

When no candidate’s names are used, most of America favors the positions of Clinton’s opponent, Donald Trump.  Does that explain why the Clinton campaign political machine has focused on “dirty tricks” revealed in undercover videos, and attacking Trump?

Note: The Clinton Dream is NAFTA on steroids, and the Clinton’s pushed for and got NAFTA passed. The Clinton Campaign did not complain when Donald Trump’s tax returns were leaked. A third party tech experts have reviewed the WikiLeaks documents from the Clinton Campaign, and they stated there is no evidence of tampering with the originals…they are real. Image credit, still from CNN. For more details, see The Presidential Campaign Mask is Off.

The majority of Americans want economic and personal freedom and security.

So polling reflects that Americans:

* don’t want Clinton’s leaked “dream” of “open borders,” or “open trade” throughout North and South America.

* Are pro-law enforcement, and don’t want to undermine the police.

* Don’t want ObamaCare or HillaryCare (government run healthcare – think the VA for all Americans.)

Americans do want:

* real jobs.

* Opportunity and economic growth.

* Freedom of religion, and are tired of a two-tiered justice system, where the rich and connected can get away with things the rest of the nation would be fined or prosecuted for doing.

* More educational opportunities, as Levell pointed out.

* Are tired of double talk, injustice, corruption and broken promises.

Trump’s speech yesterday was considered by many to be one of his best yet.

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(Editor’s Note: We as pro-Industry trade publishers believe that the Trump campaign policies are the best for manufactured housing, and best for the nation. “Nothing changes, until you change it.” #AmericaFirst. Campaign coverage or commentary in no way should be construed to reflect the views of any advertiser or sponsor. )

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