Improving Manufactured Housing’s Image to Increase Sales


With image being a key component to selling more manufactured homes to cash and credit worthy buyers, that may explain the growing daily commentary in favor of the start of the image campaign. Nancy Geer, Executive Director of the New York Housing Association said: “Manufactured Home Living Website is a great resource for homeowners and consumers.  It has a large content of articles and videos to please any interested reader.”

Steven Lefler, Vice President of Modular Lifestyles stated: Given our industry has had a history and the perception of an image problem…The efforts of the industry to change are just beginning…Your website begins the process, nice job!” Scott Stroud, of BuilderRadio applauded the effort with this comment: “Tony – Hats off to you for taking the lead with this great image-building website. Anyone who visits must be impressed with the true state of the MH industry today. I won’t say that “image is everything,” but this will truly take buyers perceptions to a new high. It’s good for the industry and everyone associated with it, and you set a bar that others will certainly strive to meet. A big THANK YOU from us all!” Previous comments published with the okay of those who made them are found in this news article, entitled Williams, Allen and others give thumbs up. The publisher of the new platform reminds readers that more pro industry, consumer focused articles, featured homes and other related plans are in the pipeline.##

(Photo credit: Cavco/Modular Lifestyles)

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