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Roughly half the population believes the election was stolen. Without a dependable rule of law there are insufficient guarantees for individuals and businesses.  Only upholding the law and our God-given, constitutionally protected rights are the safeguards of liberty. Without liberty, free speech, freedom of religion, and all other rights to life, liberty, property, and happiness are voided. In cities and towns across America, were arguably illegal lockdowns and restrictions of business and religious liberty are in evidence, the threat is made manifest, despite the findings of thousands of medical professionals who signed onto the Great Barrington Declaration. Former VP Joe Biden’s phrase “Build Back Better” is a slogan of the Great Reset. The Great Reset’s own video proclaim that everyone will be turned into renters and we will all be happy. That’s not American. There is growing evidence that the Biden family is corrupt. The Navarro Report has synthesized in three dozen pages the evidence that courts have declined to see regarding election fraud.



While courts could be helpful if they did their jobs, constitutionally, there are no courts necessary to decide the 2020 presidential election outcome.


Congressman Louie Gohmert (TX-R) guest hosted for Sean Hannity’s radio show earlier this week. He encouraged citizens to ‘scream’ at their U.S. Senators to get on board with the effort on January 6th to #StopTheSteal of the election at the constitutionally mandated joint session of Congress. That is where the election is finally decided. Vice President Pence will preside. Votes to accept or reject electors from disputed states where election fraud is charged will be by delegation on the House side, and by Senator in the U.S. Senate.  The Republicans hold the edge in the House on a state delegation basis. VP Pence will be the tie breaker in the Senate. The vice president also has his own powers under the constitution to act, but it is better to have Republican party unity in support of the obvious actual winner of the 2020 race, President Trump and VP Mike Pence, and for any Democrats courageous and honest enough to do what’s right to join in.

Even those who voted against President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence should care about this election being fair and not rigged. Certainly, the options for election fraud that often revolve around mail in ballots, the dead voting, voters voting twice, ineligible people voting and so on must be permanently resolved. But that is no excuse not to correct the abuse of the 2020 election. Note that there are reports that several GOP senators are poised to do this, and there are even more Congressional representatives who are publicly committed.  But more is obviously better. Indeed, all should be on board with this. has pages to contact your state and federal officials. #JerichoMarch is calling for peaceful protests on January  You can quickly find the contact for your lawmakers at the state and federal level at this page


Here is the sample email or social media message from Stop the Steal to U.S. Senators.

Here is what we suggest you tell the Senators – by email and/or social media

Hello, my name is ______ and I’m from _______. I want the Senator to know that people like me, the base of the party, are working to Stop the Steal and feel abandoned by our elected and party leaders. We the people expect the Senator to second the objection to the Congressional certification of this botched Electoral College. I expect a public press release within the week and the Senator to lobby their colleagues and prepare for the floor debate that must occur on January 6th. If I do not feel represented, I’m totally done with the Senator. My vote must be made to count. Stand with Stop the Steal and me or I’m gone.

They added that: “Feel free to adapt this script to suit your truest feelings and words.”


This writer has already contacted both of my U.S. Senators. But there will be a follow up that will look like this to elected officials, including those U.S. Senators.  Take the above or below and adapt it as you deem best.  But do it, and then ask others to do the same.


QuoteSymbolLeft78x121My name is L. A. “Tony” Kovach from Osceola County, FL. The party is over. There is no time to wait for some miracle or promise of future remedies. The legal remedies for the November 3, 2020 election are still in the hands of elected officials. The revised “Immaculate Deception” Navarro Report and other #StopTheSteal efforts document the reality of election deception and theft away from President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence to former VP Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris (CA-D). The Media Research Center documented that some 17 percent of Biden voters would not have voted for Biden-Harris had censored reports about Hunter and Joe Biden been known. That’s the power of domestic election interference. There are credible allegations of foreign election interference that may involve Communist China and others. The money trail and evidence reflect that many in big tech, big corporate media, and leftist billionaires who routinely profit from and are soft on Communist China will win by deception and theft if you and your colleagues don’t stop it.

The Constitution under Article II Section 1.2 and 12th Amendment make it clear that state and federal representatives have the power to correct election fraud. No judicial or governor’s order are needed. VP Pence presides over a joint session of Congress on January 6, 2021. Votes in the House are by state delegation, and Republicans hold the edge

I am hereby asking you to make a public statement before New Year’s Day that says you will not accept contested Biden-Harris electors from the battleground states of AZ, GA, MI, PA, NV, and WI. Those wrongly ‘certified’ electoral votes – which arguably fail constitutional muster – should be replaced by the alternate slate of electors from those states that support President Trump and VP Pence.

Personally, I am a peace lover. I have won several awards in history. I have heard from veterans who have said it is time to “water the tree.” That is a coded reference to Thomas Jefferson,  “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” There has been political violence for months, mostly from the left. Can lawmakers have the wisdom to safeguard against a possible uprising by Trump-Pence supporters on the right who understandably feel the election is being stolen in a system that is rigged?

Ronald Reagan used to say that when lawmakers feel the heat, they see the light. Please, see the light and pass on the light in order to avoid the heat and to do what is right. Tens of millions of Americans are watching, as is the world. Please. Do the right thing before and on January 6th 2021, and thereafter. Thank you.

## end of letter to elected officials ##

To see this in a larger size, click here. To download the Navarro Report, click here.


This will be updated later with a revised infographic.  These infographics shown can be used individually or in tandem. Linking to this report and videos provide extra information. Feel free to use the infographics as is.

Freedom is never more than a generation away from being lost. That was a theme of the late President Ronald Reagan. It is self-evident that President Trump and VP Pence are not quitters. They are fighters.

Call it what you will. The deep state. Corrupted media, big tech oligarchs, and leftist billionaires who think they can pull the strings with money to get more power and money. There are some who have long decried the U.S. policy toward Communist China. President Trump tried to thread that needle, and it was working until the Wuhan China virus came to America.

Blaming the victim of a crime is always wrong. Americans by the millions, along with President Trump, are the intended victims of a political crime. We should not let this stand. There is time to let your lawmakers know by phone, email, social media, or fax that you want them to get or keep their backbone.

Job #1 is to protect the November 3, 2020 election outcome.  Everything else needed to fix elections going forward can be done in 2021.  Special counsels or hearings may or may not produce a result and are guaranteed not to be able to act in time to stop election fraud from being rewarded.

Make lawmakers feel the heat. They will see the light. Give yourself, your family, friends and loved ones the gift of the fruits of liberty this Christmas and new year 2021.


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President Trump and VP Mike Pence have both said they will be in the promise keeping business. They have done so. Not only is it the legally correct thing to do to support honest election outcomes, but it is the smart thing to do economically, politically, morally, spiritually, and socially. 
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