Housing Policy, and Pragmatism – Bridging the Gap – Conservatives AND Liberals, or Conservatives VS. Liberals?

Still of “TR” from video, below. Truly inspirational, and insightful, on numerous levels.

MHLivingNews recently featured a report where Democrats and Republicans came together in a bipartisan way to support manufactured homes as an important part of the solution the affordable housing crisis in their state.  That report is linked here and below.

 Those lawmakers looked at facts, figures, and the reality of manufactured homes – not party labels, or outdated notions.  That’s how they overcame their party differences.  They were pragmatic.

Democrats, Republicans Agree – “Manufactured Homes Can Play a Vital Role in Easing” the Affordable Housing Shortage – manufacturedhomelivingnews.com

For years here on MHLivingNews and our professional sister site, MHProNews, we’ve worked with a simple premise. Affordable quality living is a non-partisan issue. Rephrased, that means it should be a bipartisan effort to understand and promote the most proven kind of affordable housing that America has ever known.

Stating the obvious can bring clarity to an issue. Words have meanings. What follows is a practical matter to affordable housing advocates in general, including manufactured home professionals, as the example just noted exemplifies.

Words and their meaning can either divide or unite. Finding not some nebulous ‘compromise,’ but rather the truth that can be acted upon is how understanding facts can span the gaps that need to be bridged.

Affordable housing is a problem.  Properly understood, manufactured homes are an important part of the solution.

For newcomers to the website not familiar with modern manufactured homes, learn more by clicking the image above or the link here.

Repetition vs. Reality and the Truth

Some things are believed simply because – right or wrong – they are often repeated.

Often repeating a falsehood or a half-truth is proven to be an effective tool for spreading propaganda.  That’s why critical thinking is necessary.

With respect to manufactured homes, the thought provoking factoids posted helps cut through noise that may cause some to say, ‘Eureka! I get it!’  The infographic below is from data collected in 2018.



Conservatives AND Liberals, Not Conservatives VS. Liberals

The word ‘conservative’ comes from the root word, ‘to conserve.’ That means, don’t waste, protect the environment, hold fast to good principles, etc.  Think about it. Aren’t those qualities that most could agree upon?

The meaning of ‘classical liberalism’ is a close cousin to conservative. The classical liberal wants maximum freedom. Conservatives want freedom too.  The video below explains classical liberalism. Most if asked after watching this video would likely say, that they are a classical liberal. Once someone understands what a conservative is, many more would say they are conservatives than now do.


Properly understood, the word ‘progress’ is not a dirty word either.

Progress for workers and business – in much of the 1900s was seen by many as dependent on breaking up monopoly power. After about 3 decades of less antitrust action, there is a new interest among Democrats, by President Trump, and some in the GOP of this issue. Wheat and Chaff.

An early American progressive” was Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt. President Teddy Roosevelt (TR) changed over the years, but at a key point in his life, he fostered what became the national park system. TR was also a “trust buster,” who worked to break up monopolies – known in those days a ‘trusts’ – so that small businesses and workers alike would benefit.  Teddy would have been very comfortable with the Open Markets philosophy during that phase of his career.

POTUS TR used the phrase “Square Deal” to capture the notion that everyone should get an equal or fair opportunity. This first video from Free School, published on May 14, 2015.

The History of Theodore [Teddy] Roosevelt – A Short Story – video below.  Some similar points to the above, but also some unique points between the two.

Just as Republican Abraham Lincoln was the president who thankfully freed the slaves, it was more from the GOP than Democrats passed the Voting Rights Act of 1965.


History, once looked at closely with an open mind, can be full of surprises.  The above and below are here so that those who want to divide people based upon racial or other claimed issues are corrected, based upon the facts.

This is mentioned for several reasons. Each major party – and the minor parties – have people who wanted progress. Each has those who want to conserve. It is too much to say that the various views of parties agree on all things. That noted, there can be far more agreement if pragmatic approaches that look at facts, and don’t demonize the other, are used.

So, while it is true that some individuals who harbor ill intent must be ‘defeated’ – somewhat like a criminal must be arrested – the flaws of the few should not be imposed on the many who on the surface may appear to be from a seemingly similar group.

Simplified, facts and reality matter.  If more people stick with facts and strive to draw conclusions based upon facts and evidence, not only would our industry advance, but so too would our country.

There is no affordable housing solution more proven than manufactured homes.  The infographic below is from data collected in 2018.

Don’t Lump Everyone In, Allow for Areas of Agreement, Wheat and Chaff

There are those who question why we press upon certain issues, people, or groups.  First, let’s note that MHProNews has routinely made nuanced distinctions.  While we do question and hold to account – for example – the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) for years of apparent failure to perform in a measurable way.  But that doesn’t mean we are condemning all MHI staff or members. We never have, nor would we lump everyone into one bucket in that fashion.

We may disagree with a company’s business practices, but that doesn’t mean that we condemn those working for that firm.  Wheat and chaff, on all things.  Even a problematic company or person, may have some worthwhile quality or principle.

There are policy points that editorially we’ve disagreed with Democrats on, but the same is true for some GOP policy positions.  That’s why we are political independents.

Just as businesses must turn a profit and professionals in business must perform to reasonable standards in a hopefully honorable way, that same measuring gauge ought to be held up for politicians, associations and their staff.

Design by MHProNews.

Summary and Takeaways

There are some who are so in it only for themselves, or their masters, that they choose not to reason.  Those types may need to be ‘defeated’ in discussion or debate, so that their behavior is discredited.

But perhaps the majority of professionals – given the opportunity to work based upon facts, not opinions – can often find ways to work together in an effective way.  Employers don’t ask for a party membership card, or who the employee voted for in the last election.  People are expected to work together regardless of some protected class or belief they may hold.

MHProNews stresses facts, routinely cites sources, uses evidence, and common sense (i.e.: logic, reason).  Our once many times greater industry in scope ought to be soaring, not snoring. There are a variety of steps that ought to be considered to make the industry’s untapped potential to turn millions of renters into owners.  There are many ways that manufactured housing could be considered – based upon proven experience – as a viable option without resorting to the problematic and untested ‘new class of home’ scheme.

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