Green Belt around Manufactured Housing Community not Buckled

As follow-up to a story MHProNews posted Oct. 14, 2013 regarding a neighbor’s request for a green belt street-side screening of a manufactured home community in Preston, Minnesota, the Preston City Council questions its responsibility in the matter. City ordinance requires a 15 foot wide “green belt” around any manufactured housing community that adjoins other residences, but does not refer to street-side visual protection. What is the timeline for establishing a green belt and what does it need to consist of? If the city pays for it might not others approach the city about covering something up? In addition, trees or shrubs might obscure motorists who are backing out of their driveways. Kerry and Nancy Soiney, who live across the street from the Brownsville Mobile Home Park, offered to buy the community, but owner Tim Johnston did not want to sell, and did not respond to offers for the Soiney’s to plant trees along the street-side. As reports, the council decided the Soiney’s and other neighbors should send a letter to Johnston offering to pay for the trees they want to have planted.

(Photo credit: fillmorecountyjournal–Brownsville Mobile Home Park)

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