Neighbors want Manufactured Housing Community Shielded from View

A couple in Preston, Minnesota who live across the street from the Brownsville Mobile Home Park have asked that green belt screening be erected in front of the community to shield their view. A 1971 ordinance requires manufactured home communities to have a green belt around the periphery if it adjoins a residential zone, but says nothing of street side property. Kerry and Nancy Soiney said the lilac bushes planted in front of the community, following their past complaints, will take years to grow to provide adequate screening. According to, Brownsville owner Tim Johnston has met with city officials in the past over ordinance violations at the 11 home site community, resolving most of them. Although a 1995 ordinance does not allow individual driveways belonging to the residents, Brownsville’s existence predates the ordinance, as MHProNews has learned, allowing them to stay. The Soiney’s want Johnston to landscape the grounds and change the driveways to one road. The couple tried to buy the community last year but Johnston did not want to sell. Preston City Council directed staff members to ask Johnston to attend the next meeting.

(Photo credit:–Brownsville Mobile Home Park)

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