Governor Signs new “Mobile Home” Act


Two South Georgia lawmakers, Darrel Ealum of Albany and John Corbett of Valdosta, helped write legislation to clean up what Ealum says are “old ugly eyesores,” said WALB.

The bill gives landowners a voice they previously didn’t have,” writes Vontresia Cutts.

Yes, it the bill is what the George Manufactured Housing Association [GMHA] desired. Our old Abandoned home law left a lot to be desired,” said Jay Hamilton of the GMHA.

The old law required the community owner to remove the home and put it in storage at his expense to clear the spot for a new home.  It was unfair to the community owner to absorb the cost of this process. The community owner also had to pay for storage for 90 days or until claimed if before 90 days,” Hamilton told the Daily Business News.

Jay Hamilton, Executive Director, Georgia Manufactured Housing Association (GMHA).

The person who owned the storage facility often ended up with the home after the community owner paid all of the expenses, because of the cost of high cost of moving back to the community and re-installing. Under the old law, it prohibited someone who bought real estate with an abandoned home on it from removing home because they did not hold the title or the MSO,” Hamilton, executive director of the GMHA, said.

An MSO is a Manufacturer Statement of Origin.

Because of our [GMHA] relationship with the legislature, we were at the table from day one,” said Hamilton. “Obviously, we had to negotiate some items with the Bankers Association, the Realtors Association, and with the State Judges and the Judiciary Committee. But overall this is a vast improvement.  It was patterned after Alabama’s law.

Hamilton said that the legislator on camera was the one “whom we chose to sponsor the bill, because he owns two manufactured home communities in Albany GeorgiaSo, “we knew he could convey first-hand knowledge as to why this law was needed.” ## (News, analysis, and commentary.)

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