First Things First in Manufactured Housing


Every day, owners, managers, and various types of workers head to their place of business.


In manufactured housing, that may be a:

  • land-lease community, a.k.a. ‘mobile home park’ or a manufactured home’ community,
  • retail center – where homes are displayed for the public and sold,
  • production center, where HUD Code factory-built homes are constructed,
  • office, where lending, insurance or other financial services are performed,
  • yard/office/warehouse, where trucking, installation, supply, and logistical services originate,
  • office where association or nonprofit advocacy takes place,
  • office where legal or other professional services (e.g.: marketing, ROC, etc). work occurs
  • and so on through the myriad of blue collar trade skills (maintenance, service, electrical, etc.) and white collar professional work that serves the industry takes place.

How does the work day start?

In any successful enterprise, it should always be with “first things first.”


Background and The Purpose of Every Business

Yesterday, a big part of the day was spent with professionals who have served the housing industry in general, and manufactured housing in specialized ways.

Among the discussions that took place, one revolved around the notion of how divided people, the nation, and the industry seems to be.

The Daily Business News has long noted the wide array of viewpoints that exists in mainstream media, which following journalist Sharyl Attiksson’s model, we’ve simply called the left-right media divide.  That background is mentioned, to make this following point.

1)    A worthwhile goal in business is to successfully and sustainably serve some target market in a way that profitably results in happy customers, who would gladly refer others to that same enterprise.

That’s description of the purpose of a business could be called “a first principle.” A foundation. So how does a work day begin?  By addressing the first things that serve that first principle of a business.

Without every aspect of proposition #1 above, the business will sooner or later sell out or fail.

MHProNews has served factory built housing for nearly a decade.  It continues to lead the industry in readership and in other unique ways.  Among them is by tackling issues that matter to most if not all professionals. We report on and analyze subjects that in many cases are glossed over or are left unaddressed by others in the industry’s trade media.

That’s not meant to be divisive. By spotlighting issues, meaningful, practical discussion can occur. No problem can be solved until the problem is understood. That solution may be found from sources that a reader may not have previously considered.


Affordable Housing and Manufactured Homes

When the affordable housing crisis rages in America, why is manufactured housing still treated as a second or third choice, or is never even considered by millions in the U.S.?  Modular, tiny or prefab housing often gets more ‘love and respect’ than manufactured homes: why?

Why is the attitude of so many in cities and communities across the nation toward manufactured homes so negative, that NIMBY – Not in My Back Yard – is the response to the placement of one or more HUD Code homes nearby?

As one of the last speakers on a video we’ve previously shown said, the issue comes down to understanding – to education.


Innovation – Information –  Inspiration for Industry Professionals was our first tag lines. That remains essential for every owner, manager, investor or professional seeking improvement today.


Industry News, Tips and Views Pros Can Use remains a mantra that guides us day-by-day.

MHLivingNews launched the first multi-year platform that spotlights the facts about manufactured housing, often by dispelling the myths that keep millions from giving manufactured homes a first or second thought. If you don’t understand how critical that is for the industry, then you need to think again.  Because in recent months, topics we’ve highlighted for years have been popping up in mainstream media.


We’ve become key parts of the industry.

  • That’s why professionals, public officials, advocates, and investors from MH operations of all sizes come here daily.
  • That’s why the curious and home seekers go to MHLivingNews daily.

Not many normal people start a business with the idea that it will fail. Business are opened to earn a good living by serving others.

If an enterprise of any type becomes successful, it must sooner or later have a plan to transition from the original founders to others.

How that happens matters to every investor and owner.

Starting anew, day-by-day, MHProNews will continue to spotlight issues that meet the criteria described herein. While imperfect, the fact that thousands flock here says we’ve done some things right. The reality that people call or message with their input and feedback is reflected in our work for advancing through those tag lines pros like you, too.

The mission remains to inform, educate and motivate in ways that lead to more profitable businesses and investments.  The kinds of first principles that result in happy customers served who would gladly send their friends.

Because leaders are readers,  let the news be reported, the evidence, opinions and facts be discussed, and truth be the guide.

Let First Things be a First.

It’s the only way to run a successful enterprise. ## (Mission: Industry News, Tips and Views, Pros Can Use.)



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