Dodd-Frank, CFPB, Transcript-3 Leaked Clinton Goldman Sachs Speeches – Manufactured Housing Industry Impact?

freethoughtprojectfarremovedfrommiddleclass-postedmanufacturedhousingindustrydailybusinessnewsmhpronewsOne of the hottest issues in the manufactured housing (MH) industry for the past 5 years has been:

  • the so-called Dodd-Frank “reform act,”
  • efforts by the MH industry to modify regulations imposed by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB),
  • noting that the CFPB was “birthed” by Dodd-Frank.

Last week, the Daily Business News reported that the CFPB’s structure was deemed unconstitutional, a fact spotlighted by a number of media outlets.

It is no surprise that pro-CFPB opponents to the ruling want to see it appealed.

What an appeal to the nation’s highest court would mean is that the next president’s appointment to the Supreme Court could be the deciding vote on an issue that has major impact for manufactured housing, other industries such as lending and hundreds of millions of Americans.

Award-winning manufactured home retailer Alan Amy estimated – as shown in the video linked above – that Dodd-Frank is costing the MH industry – and thus prospective home buyers – 30% more sales/purchases every year. That would mean over 20,000+ more jobs, and a similar number of additional manufactured homeowners.  Credits – Inside MH Road ShowMHLivingNewsSunshine Homes and

Revelations by WikiLeaks

What was widely under-reported last week was the release by WikiLeaks of what Bernie Sanders and his followers asked for repeatedly during his campaign for the Democratic nomination for the presidency.  Namely, the transcripts of Hillary Clinton’s speeches to Goldman Sachs and others on Wall Street, for which Secretary Clinton was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars per speech.

The full transcript of those three leaked speeches are found at the end of this report.

Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, Pinterest.

While some in the more moderate-to-conservative and alternative media mentioned excerpts of the leaked Clinton speeches, Tyler Durden, writing for Zero Hedge, provided one of the more in-depth looks at what the three leaked speeches, and what those documents reveal about Clinton’s true positions.

Here are some excerpts from the comments and emails that resulted from the WikiLeaks revelations.

  • Clinton Said, With Dodd-Frank, There Was “A Need To Do Something Because For Political ReasonsBecause Members Of Congress “Can’t Sit Idly By And Do Nothing.”
  • Speaking About Financial Regulations, Clinton Said “The People That Know The Industry Better Than Anybody Are The People Who Work In The Industry.”
  • Tim O’Neill Told Clinton “We Really Did Appreciate It” When She Had Been “Courageous In Some Respects To Associated With Wall Street And This Environment.”

One of the many adverse consequences of the Dodd-Frank act has been the closure of hundreds of community banks and lenders.  “Too big to fail” and “too big to jail” are becoming the new normal in U.S. politics in recent years, as opposed to the historic American rule-of-law.

Public polling shows that most view the political and economic playing field in America has tilted toward the largest companies and rich donors, both of which can afford the high cost of political access.  That leaves the vast majority of Americans and small-to-medium sized businesses out in the cold.

Another Woman for POTUS – Voices Progressive Opposition Against Clinton

Is the war-talk by Hillary Clinton in leaked emails the opposite of her projected claims of being the cooler, calmer head in this election cycle? Jill Stein, right, Jill 2016 campaign page.

Green Party candidate Jill Stein recently said that a vote for Clinton was a vote for war.

Was that political hyperbole by Dr. Stein?

Or was there some logic to her claim, based upon this under-reported WikiLeaks bombshell:

Clinton told Goldman that the message to China had been,You either control them [North Korea], or we’re going to have to defend against them.” and Clinton sayingwe’re going to ring China with missile defense. We’re going to put more of our fleet in the area.”

Consider the fact that Secretary Clinton initially called the TPP the “gold standard” of treaties, but under pressure from Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump’s popular-with-the-public opposition to TPP, she has since backed away from support of the TPP, which Clinton helped negotiate.

The WikiLeaks revelations include what millions already knew about Clinton; that she has a public and a private position on issues.  She said as much in speeches to Goldman Sachs.

Statement by Clinton to Goldman Sachs. Public polls reveal that most Americans see Clinton as a liar. Why elect the candidate that is the most harmful to manufactured housing, and is a well documented liar? Image credit, WikiLeaks.

Given the utter failure of:

  • Secretary Clinton’s Russian reset,
  • the spread of ISIS under the Obama/Clinton foreign policy and
  • the fact that Bill Clinton and Barack Obama favors the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) treaty

– the twisted logic for Clinton in her position on China is stunning – and as Stein suggested – reckless. Stein has said that progressives should not waste their vote on Clinton, who will only betray them.

Clinton praised Wall Street in private, and blamed millions in the middle class for bad loans; many of them are the black, Hispanic and middle class voters she now courts. Image credit – Newswire.

Who is Clinton to point fingers at any opponent, when her own track record is replete with failures and contradictory hypocrisy?  Why is her campaign focused almost solely on trashing Trump?  If her own record and polices would be better for the nation – why not focus on those issues, as she promised to do when Clinton said she would take the “high road” to the Oval Office?

The tortured and contradictory positions taken by the CFPB are spotlighted in this Inside MH video linked above, one of a series of MHLivingNews and MHProNews reports that documented the harmful positions of the CFPB on manufactured housing lending. These twin trade media publications have taken a very consistent stance on the issues that face manufactured housing and our home owners.  Our public and professional focused trade media plan to continue to pursue a principles-based – vs. emotional – approach in this presidential campaign too.


  • hundreds of billions of dollars in a trade imbalance going to China,
  • will the Clinton plan mean that the U.S. would then borrow billions from China
  • in order to ring that nation with a costly missile defense and ships from the U.S. Navy?

The evidence of corruption, duplicity and stupidity marked by the tortured logic found in Secretary Clinton’s positions are stunning.

MHProNews and MHLivingNews have documented the harm to manufactured housing’s businesses, home owners and would-be buyers. Where would the logic be in supporting a candidate – Secretary Clinton – who favors Dodd-Frank?

Aren’t any of the opposition candidates’ positions clearly better for manufactured housing – and our manufactured home owners – than Clinton’s stated positions?

Still from an Inside MH/CSPAN video, reflecting how Richard Cordray himself said that there was never much high cost lending in the manufactured housing industry market. Credit,

Clinton Campaign Smear Tactics vs. Principled Policy Positions

Credit – the Gateway Pundit.

The Gateway Pundit, a popular and pro-Trump blogger who revealed this year that he is homosexual, has published a list of a number of already debunked and carefully timed smear attacks that have been launched against Donald Trump by Clinton and her surrogates.

The New York Post has published a list of the various deceptions by Secretary Clinton, revealed by WikiLeaks.

Here on MHProNews, the Daily Business News published a media first – the exclusive revelation of how Apple was using an update in their iPhone’s iOS10 update – a widget that was promoting anti-Trump news headlines, or pro-Clinton headlines.

While Apple never directly replied to MHProNews’ inquiries about the pro-Clinton widget, it should be noted that as of Sunday morning – 10-16-2016 – Apple’s headline news sources now include a Fox News and other items, which are more favorable to the Trump-Pence ticket.

Did the Daily Business News exposure of that issue cause Apple to rebalance the previously solely pro-Clinton coverage shown by their iPhone news widget?

There is a widespread, well documented effort by pro-Clinton media and corporations – with key news outlets, businesses and social media working in concert with the Clinton Campaign documented by WikiLeaks – to discredit the GOP nominee and promote Secretary Clinton. That effort is clearly designed to discourage Trump supporters, while buoying Clinton support.

WikiLeaks reveled thousands of emails from Clinton Campaign Chairman, John Podesta. As Christian evangelicals, The Catholic League, EWTN Catholic network and others are saying that the smear campaign against Donald Trump seems carefully timed to distract the public from the bombshell revelations in those emails. Image credit, EmptyLighthouse.

Democratic pollster Pat Caddell is among those who point to what he says is the over-polling of Democrats in recent polls, which could clearly skew the results toward Clinton’s candidacy.

Note: ads on YouTube videos are not controlled by MHProNews
or often even the producer of the video.
Over 3 Million views on various versions of this video.

Polls from 10-16-2016 LA Times Daily Tracking poll, which many believe was the most accurate in the 2012 election cycle.

While most national polls show Clinton in the lead, The LA Times Daily Tracking poll is one of two national polls that have shown a dead head in the contest, or a slight lead by Trump.  This is amazing, given the sheer magnitude of the assault against the GOP candidate, and may reflect the durability of his support.

Trump has gained ground among Hispanics to levels that surpass Mitt Romney’s support in 2012. If he regains ground with blacks and women to levels prior to the carefully-timed release of Trump smears, the election could result in a Trump victory.

New and Analysis – It’s Not Over Until It is Over

The LA Times, which is pro-Clinton, reveals in the weeds of their polling a surprising strength by Trump among Hispanics.  If that holds up, and if another strong debate performance comes from Donald Trump on Wednesday, what now looks like a defeat could become a landslide victory for the GOP nominee.

Noting that in England, prior to the Brexit vote, only one poll showed that Brexit would pass, there are reasons to believe that it is not over here in the upcoming election until the final U.S. ballots are cast.

Middle income voters strongly favor Donald Trump, and there is a slight edge among upper income voters to the Trump/Pence ticket. It is lower income voters – arguably those most harmed by the promises made by the Clinton Campaign – who lean more towards her candidacy.

There is certainly a wide array of reasons – including most major polls – to think that the advantage lies with the Clinton campaign.

Prior to the smear attacks against Donald Trump, he enjoyed a wider lead in the enthusiasm factor, but he still holds a narrow lead in this category.

But with:

  • the Trump campaign promising a major outreach. that he says will bypass much of the mainstream media to speak “directly to the American people,”
  • the third and final debate being moderated by Fox News’ ‘Fair and Balanced, Chris Wallace,
  • plus the steady drip-drip-drip of damaging revelations by WikiLeaks against Secretary Clinton,

the wildest election cycle in modern times remains unpredictable.


Editorially, without claiming to speak for any of our sponsors, MHProNews has taken the position that builder Trump’s policies are better for manufactured housing and better for the nation.

MH industry associations are unlikely to formally support a candidate, because they will have to work with whomever the eventual winner is.

But the following are a partial list of reasons why campaign positions by Clinton are worse for America, for home ownership in general – and in the view of MHProNews editorially – for manufactured housing in particular.

  • Clinton promises she will keep Dodd-Frank, while Trump promises to repeal Dodd-Frank, which he says is harming business and job creation.
  • Clinton promises to raise taxes and increase regulations, while Trump favors reduction of job-killing taxes and regulations.
  • Clinton will keep ObamaCare or perhaps go to a Canadian-style single payer system, while Trump is for repealing and replacing ObamaCare, which is failing before the nation’s eyes, and which even Bill Clinton has called “a crazy system.
  • Clinton has said she favors open-borders and free trade, while Trump proposes defending borders, U.S. workers and businesses.

Republican strategist Karl Rove notes that polling suggests that some of the swing away from the Trump campaign could be recaptured, if the GOP candidate “stops talking about the sexual allegations against him” and instead “focuses on the policy issues” that make Trump/Pence the clearly superior choice for minorities, men and women, indeed the nation as a whole.

Trump has now set a record for having the most small-donors in GOP history.  His rallies and polling demonstrate more enthusiasm for his America First movement than Clinton has in her smear Trump effort.

In a change election year, her policies would only continue what has already proven to be a failure for the nation.

Manufactured home residents are some 7% of the U.S. population.  In a tight election, the balance of power could lie with the industry’s professionals and our home owners.

We Provide, You Decide.” © ##

(Image credits are as shown above.)

L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach is the publisher of, and MH Consultant.

By L. A. “Tony” Kovach for the Daily Business News MHProNews.

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