Defective Chinese Drywall May Require Extensive Cleansing

As a follow-up to our article March 10, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) details instructions for dealing with defective Chinese Drywall in single family homes.  The drywall was used following Hurricane Katrina, because new construction demand outstripped U.S. supply.  The process involves testing for the amount of corrosive substances that may contribute to health problems.  If the problem is extensive, the house must be stripped of all belongings, including cabinetry.  All low-voltage signal and data wiring as well as receptacles and light switches must be removed and replaced, including smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.  In addition, all duct work and sheet metal would need to be replaced.  The final stage, after the defective drywall is removed, is thorough vacuuming and compressed air guns to ‘blow out” the house, and then airing out the house for two weeks.  A final measurement is then taken to ensure the premises are safe.

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