Atlas report shows top reasons people move

atlas_van_lines_info_graphic_on_why_people_move_http___www.atlasvanlines.com_infographics_moving-patterns-reasons_DigitalJournal reports on a study by Atlas Van Lines on the latest information on why American’s move.  “This infographic was developed to give readers a quick look at migration patterns and the reasons why people move,” said Jack Griffin, president & COO of Atlas World Group. “This information is of particular interest to employers, realtors and human resource professionals as they make business decisions.” The American Housing Survey study was based on government statistics, according to the release.  What makes the report insightful are the reasons why people move.  These reasons to move vary by region, but nationally the top five are: 1. To establish own household, 2. To be closer to work/school/other, 3. Needed larger house or apartment, 4. Wanted better home, 5. New job or job transfer.

(Graphic credit: Atlas Van Lines)

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