Amphibious Homes Being Built in High-risk Flood Areas

PattayaDailyNews from Bangkok, Thailand in Southeast Asia tells MHProNews the National Housing Authority is utilizing modular components such as doors, walls, windows, and roofing supports, to build homes that can float during flooding. Due to global warming and rising seas, it is anticipated Bangkok will be partially or wholly underwater by the end of the century, and the government is beginning development to protect lives and property. A new construction process involves building a steel foundation to support a hollow framework, much like the hull of a ship, and when a flood arrives, the house will detach and float. Back-up systems for water cachement, as well as solar and wind power, will allow the homes to function if city utilities fail. Having modular components shipped to the site speeds up the construction process. The National Housing Authority has plans to begin developing amphibious communities in high-risk flooding areas.

(Photo credit: PattayaDailyNews—Amphibious house structure)

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