Modular Homes from Idaho going to Northern British Columbia

From Canada, TumblerRidgeNews in north east British Columbia tells MHProNews Triland International is building a series of modular duplexes in Tumbler Ridge, the first major new housing project in that area. The top housing unit will have two bedrooms and two baths, while the bottom dwelling will feature three bedrooms and two baths. Graham Johnson of Triland says, “They’ll all be different elevations, so it’s not going to look like the repetitive one after another after another. There’ll be different colour schemes and variety, which will add to the curb appeal.” Preparation of the land has begun for the units which will begin arriving from the factory in Idaho in mid-October. Noting the frigidity of the northern BC winters, Johnson adds, “These are all built on our specifications. We’ve got our people in the plant, building it to the standards for this northern climate.”

(Photo credit: TumblerRidgeNews)

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