Achieving the 2013 Manufactured Housing Industry Breakthrough

by L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach

Tony kovach 75Most manufactured housing professionals agree that finance and regulatory issues are at the heart of what our industry needs to continue our 13 month recovery in new home sales. We can tick off challenges from the SAFE Act, Dodd-Frank and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), complexities and costs of ObamaCare, along with other regulatory over-reaches at the federal, state and local levels.

Burdensome regulations and uncertainty over taxes are choking off business growth in our industry. But a relatively swift resolution can be obtained.


If you haven’t read Course Correction it would be a good idea to do so now. When you are ready to make time to dig into a more in depth review of what is needed for long-term sustained industry growth, please read That’s Debatable.

To summarize, we can go through months or years of lobbying to changes laws that restrict owner and third party financing and more that hinders our recovery, or…

…we could do a rapid course correction.

Here is the formula for the fastest solution to our industry’s challenges:

  • Manufactured Housing Industry Professionals +

  • Manufactured Housing home owners and residents +

  • Republican/conservative election victories =

  • The shortest, fastest path to regulatory roll back and a stronger industry recovery.

Why? Some 20,000,000 residents of pre-HUD Code mobile homes and post HUD Code Manufactured Housing equals 6% of the U.S. population. About 4 to 5 million of those live in manufactured home communities.  With enough of those voters, we could swing elections in almost any state except Hawaii.

Is this a fantasy? Hardly. 14,000 votes separated Obama from McCain in North Carolina in 2008. Wikipedia asserts:Governor George H. Bush officially won Florida’s electoral votes, by a margin of only 537 votes out of almost 6 million cast, and as a result, the entire presidential election.”

  • There are some manufactured home community operators who have more home sites with more voters than the winning margin for Bush vs. Gore in 2000.

  • There are some retailers of manufactured homes who have sold more homes than that in their respective states.

  • There are MH lenders, insurance companies and others who have thousands of customers in dozens of states.

Can manufactured home professionals and our customers potentially help decide the 2012 election? Yes we can.

Manufactured Housing can make its impact felt in the 2012 election

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have visited a factory home builder and the largest land-lease community in the country during their campaign. They are pro-business, they have pledged to repeal Dodd-Frank, ObamaCare and reform the tax code.

As reported in Course Correction, even normally Democratic leaning industry professionals admit that the shortest, fastest path to correcting the regulatory overreach of SAFE/Dodd-Frank/et al is with a Republican sweep of the White House, Senate and House on election day, November 6th 2012.

Given that Mitt Romney has a proven record of working with Democrats as governor of Massachusetts, even a Romney/Ryan ticket victory is likely to achieve what we as professionals and an industry need.

Given that reality, what are our next steps? How can we accomplish this goal in a simple fashion?

Months of Preparation, You can Use in just Moments or Minutes

On the site, we have been preparing for months for this moment. We have made it easy to promote the MH Lifestyle and a Romney/Ryan/Republican conservatives victory at the same time.

You can be directly political by sharing links to Purely Political Cartoons or avoid mentioning politics entirely

and still drive home the messages that could make the difference in 2012.

Here’s how.

There are dozens of articles on that promote the manufactured home lifestyle and offer how to tips for manufactured home owners. These articles make home owners feel good, offer practical tips and can also build our Industry’s image. All that is good, but because we have also sprinkled “Purely Political Cartoons” into the mix and some politically oriented articles, readers are bound to find one or more of them.

One or more eye opening article, video or cartoon could tip their thinking towards voting Romney, Ryan and politically conservative Republicans.

The following could cost almost nothing, but could help swing a state – or the nation – with emails and links.

  • Set up a link to the website on your website.

  • Set up an RSS feed on your website to the website.

  • Email or text a link to your contacts.

  • Do you have a community newsletter, or mail a bill to MH homeowners? Why not include the website as something they may want to check out? This is a simple way for them to ‘stumble upon’ those Purely Political Cartoons while they read other articles.

  • Use your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or other social networking connections to share an article or the website

  • For those who want to support this effort with ads, sponsorship or other business development services offered on MHProNews and on MHLivingNews, we would welcome, appreciate and use that support to further this pro-industry effort. Help win the election while you improve your own results, as these testimonials demonstrate.

So you can use a few minutes by sending out or posting links or you can use services that will allow us to do more to promote client businesses and our industry.

Ending unemployment1 purely political cartoon

See the rest of the Purely Political Cartoon, Ending Unemployment

For example, you could use a link to the Photo Gallery on as an outreach or a Purely Political Cartoon you like. You could email or text that link, post it on Facebook, pin with Pinterest or tweet any article you’d like with Twitter.

You don’t need a committee meeting. You don’t need a budget. You just need to do it.

We have a national fiscal cliff looming early next year but also a regulatory one facing manufactured housing. In January, 2013, the Consumer Financial Production Bureau will issue its guidelines. But we can achieve our Industry’s breakthrough in 2013, by registering, voting and getting others to do the same, as outlined above.

Let’s give winning this election our best shot. Let’s set our career, business and Industry up for a brighter future.

See the videos on this page for some of many reasons you should just do it. ##

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